Piano or Flute Lessons for Kids and Adults

Posted by: Krista-Patnode-878241 · 1480539222

I am an experienced music teacher who strives to help students achieve the best results possible on their instrument in a relaxed and positive way. I can provide a curriculum or tailor the lessons to the student's wishes or needs (or a combination of both).

I am a certified Music Teacher from the United States with 15 years of experience teaching private lessons to students aged 3-adults, and 9 years of experience teaching music in schools in both the US and Berlin. I have a degree in K-12 Music Education and have attended extensive professional development in the field. Lessons are available at my home starting in January, or I can travel to your home to provide lessons. 

Prices may vary based on my travel time to your location, but the typical costs are between the following (Note: Lessons in my home will always be the first price listed below):

60 minutes: €25/€30
45 minutes: €22/€25
30 minutes: €20/€22

Please contact me with any further questions. I hope to hear from you soon.