Air Conditioning & Heating

Lunos Lueftungstechnik fuer Raumluftsysteme
Air conditioning and ventilation systems. Wilhelmstrasse 31-34, 13593 Berlin.
Berliner Klima
Air conditioning and treatment units, de-humidifiers and odour control units. At Puderstrasse 3, 12435 Berlin-Treptow.
Ash Grove Stoves
Supplier of Hunter wood-burning stoves (with or without boiler for central heating and hot water). Double-sided stoves also available. Deliveries throughout Europe.
Phoenix Sonnenwaerme AG
Solar heating systems. At Ostendstr. 1, 12459 Berlin.
Max Weishaupt
Oil, gas and dual fuel burners and heating systems. Wolframstrasse 93-94, 12105 Berlin.