Counselling & Therapists

Find your counsellor or therapist offering therapy and coaching in English language. Psychotherapy, behavioural therapy or relationship counselling are available in many Berlin districts.

Brent Nichols
Jungian Psychotherapist. Individual therapy and Marriage or Couples Counseling from a New York licensed Psychotherapist. Quality of life issues, depression, anxiety, relationship, career and motivation. Prenzlauer Berg, sessions also available on Skype.
Ana Morin
Sex therapist and counsellor individuals, couples and people in open relationships. Works with all ages, gender and sexual orientations.
Dr. Rose Shaw
Team of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists counselling and treatment of children, adults and couples.
Dr. Ralph Piotrowski
Dr. phil. – Paartherapie, Beratung und Coaching. Couple therapy. Psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner.
Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro
Gestalt-therapy and psychological counselling for anxiety, depression, relationships, crisis situations and self-confidence issues.
Claudia Dzaack
Couples counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and sex therapy in English and German. Practice located in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.
Dr. Joseph Hamer
American Psychologist. Licensed in Germany as a Psychological Psychotherapist. Approach to psychotherapy: Psychodynamic and Depth Psychology.
Non-profit directory and organisation of international therapists, counsellors and social service providers.
Dominic Decker
Solution-focused counsellor providing effective, fast and practical support to help overcome emotional distress and regain control.
Sarah-Jane Ryan
Counselling and psychological support in English in Berlin, for adults, teens and expats. Integrative counselling approach.
Deirdre Winter
Native English speaker offering therapy and counselling especially for trauma, depression, relationship problems, cultural adjustment, life transitions. 
Centre Pensees
English-speaking therapy centre welcoming expats for psychotherapy, couples and individual therapy, and group workshops. 
Devarim Jazz
Culturally competent psychotherapy to include adjustment, intercultural heritage relational challenges, LGBT community, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and supervision. 
Moritz v. Wissel
Male mental health practitioner and coach offering full support in either German or English. 
Alexander Reich
Private practice offering Gestalt and body-oriented therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR and brainspotting.
Johanne Schwensen
English- and Danish-speaking psychologist offering cognitive therapy in Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg. Reduced price, training to become authorized.
Dima Salloum
Trained MD Psych. and cognitive behavioral therapist. Emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHS.
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
PhD. Works with adults and adolescents on the problems related to trauma, loss, identity issues, anxiety, attachment and relationship issues.
Claudia Kienzler
State-licensed psychotherapist offering individual psychotherapy and couples counselling in both English and German. 
Andrés Nader
PhD.Counselling, Coaching, Supervision, Couples' therapy and Gestalt therapy. English, German and Spanish spoken.
Bertine de Jongh
Counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples in English, German and Dutch. office is in Charlottenburg.
Katharina Wolf
Registered integrative counsellor delivering therapy in English and German online. Experienced in bereavement, anxiety and depression.
Dr. Dafni Milioni
Offering counselling for relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, personality disorders, LGBT, others.
Desire Azizoglu
English, German and Turkish-speaking therapist with a client-centered, resource oriented approach, focusing on the individuality of each person.
Dr. Valentin Zahrnt
We start with the here and now of thoughts, emotions and body sensations and move with the flow of our impulses and associations.
Brian L. Pheasant
PhD. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy for adults in Charlottenburg and Prenzlauer Berg. English and German spoken..
Philip Sheldon
Experienced therapist based in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Offers both face to face and online counselling in English only. 
Couple Therapy Berlin
Offering marriage and couples counselling in Berlin. Located at Griebenowstr.
Alastair Roberts
Psychological Counsellor, psychotherapist and coach working in Berlin, London and remotely on Skype or FaceTime.
Angeliki O. Lazaraki
Psychologist with a 10 year experience in counselling and in the mental health care industry, offering counselling in English and Greek. 
Marc Lange
Individual, couple and brief family therapy, marriage guidance, coaching and supervision. Initial appointment is free.
Therapie Berlin
State-certified psychotherapist in behavioural therapy offering cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectic behavioural therapy, schematherapy, relaxation techniques, mind-based stress reduction.
Madhura Marathe
Counselling for adults struggling with anxiety, stress, grief, isolation, life changes, adjustment and depression. 
Native English-speaking and online therapy for expats, families and couples with grief, depression, anxiety, relationships problems and more.
Tanya Lucas
Bilingual speech and language therapist offering assessment and treatment of difficulties in the area of communication, speech or language.
Regina Riveros
Counselling in English and Spanish focused on providing a safe space where each person's particular being can find its place for expression.
Daniel Holbach
Integrative body psychotherapy and counselling for individuals in English and German. 
Elise Petersen
English-speaking therapist offering Gestalt therapy and counselling for couples, individuals and groups.
Mind Institute SE
Counselling and non-medical psychotherapy in English and German.
Jacob Kishere
Transformative healing practitioner focusing on meditation and dialogue.
Blanka Leeker
English speaking marriage and family therapist offering individual and family therapy. Short term and long term support.
Jakob Lusensky
Jungian Psychoanalyst and Counsellor. English and Swedish-speaking psychoanalyst offering counselling in the area of Neukölln, Berlin. Private pay, no insurance. 
Dr. phil. Kai Hammermeister
Psychoanalyst and heilpraktiker offers psychoanalysis, counselling and coaching.
Dr. Rebecca M. Kigel
Offers relaxation for children and adults in Berlin Friedrichshain, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation, psychological counselling, test anxiety and fear of dogs for children and adults.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Berlin
Cognitive-behavioural treatment for anxiety, stress, OCD, depression and for interpersonal or relationship problems in English and the Scandinavian languages. 
Didem Atahan-Fabig
US trained psychotherapist offering individual and couples therapy, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt and EMDR.
Anne Zirkler
Integrative counselling and psychotherapy; psychodynamic, humanistic and body psychotherapy. Private practice in Charlottenburg.
Dr. Mungee
Practice for psychiatry and psychotherapy. Public and private health insurance accepted.
Birgit Hansen
Practice dedicated to overcome various issues. Offer hypnosis, EMDR, client-centered psychotherapy, and a forum for philosophical discourse. 
Josef Auerbach
Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Initial consultation by telephone possible. 
Sean Carden
Professional English speaking Counsellor. Offering emotional help and support. 
Mittelweg 50
International group of practitioners trained to help you navigate your personal change. 
Berlin Hypnose
English speaking hypnotherapy service in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Specialized in smoking cessation, weight loss and psychotherapy with hypnosis.
Berlin Counseling
Katie Knight, a British counsellor based in Berlin Mitte, offering private counselling in English. 
Therapie Friedrichshain
Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist offers cognitive - behavioural therapy in English and Swedish. 
Elke Elouise Taylor
Combining aspects of modern psychology, ancient philosophy and intuitive abilities, Elouise Taylor has taught the art of living an empowered life for over a decade.
Dr. Colin Kehrer
English speaking psychotherapist offering individual and couple therapy.
ELAN Project
English and German support for ease of career adjustment, life transitions, and re-integration after stressful episodes. 
Anne Meurer
Speech and Language Therapy. Pathology in English and German.
Nils Svensson
Individual and couple therapy in downtown Berlin for the international community. Trained in CBT, Psychodynamic Therapy, Schema Therapy.
Birgit Fehst
Counselling for issues related to fear, anxiety and panic attacks. Approach based on neuroscience and hypnosis. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}
Hypnosis Berlin
Hypnosis practice offering clinically proven hypnotherapy methods and custom treatment plans.
David Barnes
Individual and couples counselling dealing with stress management, improving communication, working with assertiveness and confidence.
Tom Barlin
Psychologist from Sweden. Therapy in English, Swedish and German, offering individual counselling and therapy, face to face as well as online. 
Ariane Fuechtner
Trauma therapist and expert for nervous system regulation.
Jane Hartmann-Zeilberger
Psychotherapy and counselling in English and German for individuals, couples and families. 
Jan Kaspers
Coaching and psychotherapy for expats. Individual coaching and psychotherapy, coaching of couples.
Gabriele Neumann
English speaking Gestalt-Therapists offers empathatic support in times of personal crisis. 
Die Mitte Praxis
Private practice for individual and couples therapy. 
Jane Palmer
Based in Wedding, English therapist offering counselling to individuals and couples for a variety of issues. 
Dr. Frank Gebhardt
Psychotherapy with focus on talk and body-oriented therapy. Stress, burn-out, low self-esteem, depression, emotional imbalance and trauma are all covered.
Jo Eckardt
Trained Psychoanalyst specialising in trauma, EMDR and hypnosis.
Roisin Tangney
Jungian Psychoanalyst in-training, offering Jungian analysis in English 
Caitlin Schumacer
Counseling focused on recovery of self. Specialising in recovery from trauma, grey area substance use, substance abuse and grief.
Christian Dombrowe
Licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist offers psychodynamic psychotherapy in English. The office is located in Prenzlauer Berg.
Life Symmetry
Rapid Transformational Therapy to help entrepreneurs overcome their limiting paradigms, without a protracted time investment. English and German spoken.
Jan Steinitz
Private practice for psychotherapy and counselling by certified psychotherapist for children, adolescents and adults.
The Primrose Practice
Private, confidential practice in Berlin-Mitte. One-to-one and group sessions available.
Ben Jackson
Psychodynamic therapist offering individual therapy in Berlin. For English speakers that need to talk to someone in confidence.
Dr. Jens Baumgardt
Psychotherapy and trauma therapy for sadness, depression, anger, physical pain, anxiety and lack of confidence.
Frauke Glaubitz
Trauma therapist and certified jungian psychotherapist and analyst.
My International Therapy
International psychologists offering therapy in English in Berlin, including workshops, psychological support and more.
Psychologie Halensee
Psychodynamic therapy, rational-emotional behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, career and life coaching and counselling.
Ghazaleh Bailey
Individual and Couples Therapy and Counselling with a multi-cultural focus for the ex-pat community and those living in multi-cultural relationships.
Nadja Gogolin
Private practice for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and group therapy, insurance covered. 
Katharina Seidler
Improve health, well-being, emotional state and life satisfaction through positive change. Support in English, German and Spanish.
Julia Bellabarba
Psychologist trained in Systemic Couple Therapy, sessions are 90-120 minutes, available evenings and Saturdays. German and English spoken.
Aditi Kulkarni
Counselling psychologist in Berlin offering individual counselling sessions from offices in Mitte and Charlottenburg. 
Jan Wichter
State-licensed psychotherapist in Berlin. Integrative practice for coaching, counselling and therapy for adults and children and couples.
Wiebke Pausch
Body-Centered Creative Therapy. At Dänenstrasse 3, 10439 Berlin.
Jordana del Feld
MFA CMT, integrative counsellor offers hypnotherapy, mindful embodiment therapy, story therapy, CBT, DBT and NLP. 
Coaching for Women
Psychological Counsellor, Holistic Coach and Nutritionist
Laura Deming
Berlin-based American psychological counselor and coach providing services in-person and by skype.
Heinz-Martin Weigand
Psychotherapy, hypnosis therapy and sound therapy.