Kindergarten, Preschool & Creche

Kindergarten with international focus, bilingual childcare and early education institutions with an English-language focus for expat families. Find a place in a nursery school in one of the districts from Charlottenburg to Prenzlauer Berg.

Greta and Friends
Bilingual childcare and kindergarten, music and dance activities, fresh food, at Puderstrasse 21, 12435 Berlin (Alt-Treptow).
Robin Hood Bilingual Forest Kindergarten
Forest kindergarten giving children the opportunity to spend a great part of their day natural outdoor environment. Bilingual English-German education by native speaking teachers. For children from 18 months. At Dietzgenstr. 66, 13156 Berlin-Pankow.
be smart academy
German-English preschool, bilingual structure, focusing on by individual preferences, talents and abilities. Native English teachers, wide range of activities, arts and skills. Located at "Alte Seifenfabrik" in Berlin-Mitte
Bilingual Kita Stralauer Allee
The non-profit centre oXxymoron encompasses three day care centers and kindergartens in Friedrichshain, including the bilingual Kita Stralauer Alle 6. Food is prepared in own kitchen facilities, providing 35 places for kids from 6 months.
Masorti Kindergarten
State-funded Jewish bilingual kindergarten for children of Jewish descent. In Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
Sara Berlin - International Kindergarten
Bilingual nursery and kindergarten for children from age 1, teachers are English and German native speakers, focusing on music, sports and movement, preschool education. Located at Reichsstr. 15, 14052 Berlin - Westend.
Lilolei Kindergarten
Bilingual English-German kindergarten with a group for children aged 10-24 months, and a group for 2-6 year olds. At Pfalzburger Str. 62, 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
Alegria Kindergarten
Kindergarten with three locations in Mitte offering a tri-lingual environment with native speakers. For children ages 1.5 to 5, including music, sports, yoga, language introduction and preparation for pre-school.
John F. Kennedy Friendship Center Daycare
Publicly funded bilingual daycare at three centres in Berlin (see website for all addresses). At Teltower Damm 101, 14167 Berlin-Zehlendorf.
Montessori Preschool
Offers a learning environment for children, including three native English-speaking teachers.
Daycare centre, parent-run kindergarten for children aged 1,5 to 5 years, focusing on bilingual education, at Wartburgstrasse 6 in 10823 Berlin (Schoneberg).
The House Of Little People - Tholp
Independent Kindergarden and pre-school, offering bilingual education in a safe and healthy environment, , 2 childcare locations in Friedrichshain and one in Berlin-Friedrichshagen.
JFK Friendship Center
JFK Friendship offers two bilingual Preschool Day Care programs "Lucky Kids" at Von-Luck-Strasse 24 and at Am Fichtenberg 16, D-12165 Berlin. After School Day Care at Teltower Damm 101, D-14167 for children that attend JFK.
Berlin British School e.V.
English-speaking kindergarten and preschool: toddlers (age 2), nursery (3-4 years), reception (4-5 years), year 1 (5-6 years) in Charlottenburg. Native English teaching staff and German speaking assistants. At Havelchaussee 104, 14055 Berlin.
Kinderladen Humpty-Dumpty
Established publicly funded bilingual German and English kindergarten operated by parents on a cooperative basis. For children from ages one and a half to six. At Wartburgstrasse 6, 10823 Berlin.
Berlin Cosmopolitan School
An international, non-profit school with a focus on music, sciences and sports.
Kita Billabong
Small parents initiative kindergarten offering bilingual early education for children aged 2-6, open 8:30 to 17:00. Located at Prenzlauer Berg.
Internationaler Kindergarten Berlin
Bilingual nursery school and kindergarten for children aged 1,5 to 6 years old, many activities (including swimming and music) at Ravensberger Strasse 5 b, 10709 Berlin (Wilmersdorf).
IEYC - International Early Years Consultancy
Consultants for start-up and support of kindergartens, playgroups and nursery schools. Coaching and training for educators and parents, staff recruitment and retention, assessment and outsourcing, IT services, web solutions, development and hosting.
Bilingual Kindergarten and Preschool in Pankow
Kindergarten offering early education by German and native English speaking teachers, first scientific and mathematical experiences, early music education, three locations in Pankow at Berliner Str. 12, Kissingenstr. 48 and Benjamin-Vogelsdorffstr. 1.
Kita International Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten, located on Berlin International School Campus, offering education for 3-6 year olds, located on the campus of the Berlin International School. Lentzeallee 8-14, 14195 Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
Kita Aufgepasst
Infant Daycare for children age 1-3 and Kindergarten (3-6), all-day bilingual care by native speakers, small groups, in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
Platanus Kindergarten and Preschool
Bilingual Kindergarten offering early education by German and native English speaking teachers, first scientific and mathematical experiences, early music education, two locations in Berlin.
Bilby Garden - International Kindergarten
International Kindergarten and pre-school, offering bilingual German-English education, focusing on natural sciences, offering music, sports, arts and theatre, for children age 1 to 6, at Cunostr. 59a, 14193 Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
Kookaburra Kinderbetreuung
Creche and childcare for children up to 4 years, German, English and Polish education, located at Westfälische Str. 57, 10711 Berlin. Supporting kids with dietaries. Many sports and music activities.
Multi Lingua International Kindergarten
Multi Lingua offers a multi-lingual (German, English, Russian) pre-school and nursery for children six months to six years of age. Nordhauser Strasse. 30, 10589 - Berlin Charlottenburg
Kindergarten at International School Villa Amalienhof
Bilingual Early Years education, consisting of a Nursery for age 1,5 to 3, the Early Intermediate for 3-4 year olds and the Preschool group for 5-6 year old children. Located in the west of Berlin, in a green suburb, at Heerstrasse 465, 13593 Berlin.
Zilli Billi Willi
German-English bilingual kindergarten in Berlin-Weißensee, offering small groups in friendly atmoshphere, healthy food and individual support, at Herbert-Baum-Straße 34, 13088 Berlin.
Berlin Brandenburg International School
Berlin Brandenburg International School provides its students with a cooperative, caring environment in which to learn through a challenging, comprehensive, and engaging curriculum. 
Kangaroo Garden - Internationaler Kindergarten
Englis-German-French children day care centre, artistic and creative focus, for children from age 1, offering music activities, swimming, theatre, dance and ballet, at Johann-Georg-Str. 9, 10709 Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
Zebra International Kita
Parent-run German-English Kindergarten for children aged 2 to 6 in one mixed-age group. Interested parents are asked to get in contact via email. Located at Sonnenburger Straße 54, 10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg).
White Cockatoo International Kindergarten
Bi-lingual kindergarten and pre-school for children aged 2 to 6 years, offering music lessons, English, swimming, sports, yoga, art and dance projects, at Gervinusstr. 17, 10629 Berlin (Charlottenburg).
Kinderladen Maikaefer
German Kindergarten for children aged 2-6 years offering English. Fully enclosed garden and playground. Learning through themed topics and practical play. At Brandenburgische Str. 75, 10713 Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.
Little Munchkins
Bilingual kindergarten and preschool, aiming at children from bi-national families, offering free time, outdoor and forest days, as well as indoors activities, for children from age 2, at Trelleborger Strasse 5, 13189 Berlin (Pankow).
Kinderhaus Tom Sawyer Dahlem
Bilingual kita and daycare centre for children from 12 weeks up to school enrolment, high number of native English speaking kids, open 7:00 to 17:00, at Tom-Sawyer-Weg 5, 14169 Berlin (Zehlendorf).
Europa Kindergarten Max und Moritz
Private bilingual German-English nursery for children aged 2-6. Learning through play and experience: French, music, swimming, theatre visits and trips. Full or half day sessions. At Kaerntener Str. 27, Berlin-Schoeneberg.
Chikita Kids Kindergarten
A multilingual nursery school in Pankow with native English and Spanish speakers. At Okarinastr. 1, 13156 Berlin Pankow
Kita Cheburashka
Child care institution providing various Kitas, one bilingual German-English Kindergarten in Pankow for children from age 1 and a trilingual Russian-German-English kita at Prenzlauer Berg, Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Str. 9.
be smart academy, Villa Heimat
Nursery school and kindergarten for children aged 1 to 6 in 5 age groups, located in spacious villa at Torstr. 134, 10119 Berlin