Aliore Association

Family work camp in the South of France: spend a week of meaningful holiday with your family volunteering in a Green tourism project. The best and cheapest way to travel in France.

ALIORE, Worldwide workshops is a French non profit association offering the opportunity to experience traditional culture and activities during your travel, thus allowing a total cultural immersion.

We offer people to practise artistic activities – dance, music, crafts or culinary workshops – learning from local teachers and staying with the local population. The workshops give you an authentic cultural experience.

We also offer cultural and linguistic programmes facilitating encounters between French and English speakers placing English speakers in homestays throughout France.  This is a great opportunity to experience the French lifestyle in depth and at a very low cost.

Some reviews from participants to our tutoring programme in France:

Review from Alexandra, Australia, placed in a host family in the Loire Valley during summer 2014:

I spent an unforgettable month in the Loire Valley with a wonderful host family. They were so welcoming from the start and I was included in daily life as well as the events and parties that were happening while I was there. They introduced me to French culture as well as helping me to organise some tourist visits in my spare time. I even had the opportunity to travel to the coast with them for July 14 celebrations.

I was teaching English to a mid teen - there were ups and downs, and obviously it was difficult to motivate a teenager to study English during school holidays, but I was able to discover ways to keep it interesting by using games and popular music in English. Conversing in franglais was also a great way to improve both of our respective vocabularies.

Aside from helping the family with English, I drastically improved my French comprehension and speaking (the first week is the toughest). Its incredible how much you absorb after a month of being immersed in the country. I would definitely recommend having basic French language skills before you sign up as a placement outside of a major city will mean (at least in my case) limited to no English outside of tourist sites.

The team at Aliore are professional and helpful. They did an excellent job at matching my interests and expectations to a family and were easily contactable by phone or email throughout my stay. If youre on the fence about doing this program, just go for it!

Review from Joanna, placed in Paris during summer 2014:

I was lucky to get such an amazing family. We had an instant chemistry and they treated me like royalty and now we are lifelong friends. Aliore is affordable. In fact, it is the cheapest way to experience such a program. I enjoyed every moment helping a family improve their English whilst I got to improve my French and eat delectable foods. It was such a magnificent cultural exchange. You wont regret it.

Review from Amy, USA, placed in Montpellier in June 2014: I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to truly experience the daily routines, social customs, and typical cuisine of France. It is an unparalleled opportunity to ask questions about things you see or learn, discuss your own culture and get to know a great family. While I was in France, I attended concerts, toured Montpellier and Avignon, and went to the beach with my host family, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.