Couple Therapy in Mitte - Julia Bellabarba

Offering couple therapy (German/English) in Berlin-Mitte. Psychologist trained in Systemic Couple Therapy, sessions are 90-120 minutes, available evenings and Saturdays. Many years of experience working with couples and families in Berlin-Mitte.

Couples seek my help when the following situations arise in their relationship:

  • When the partnership is defined by boredom, fear of change, jealousy, anger and arguments.
  • When the deisre to have children presents a problem.
  • When facing difficult decisions or considering separating.
  • When the relationship is being strongly burdened through the emotional or physical illness of the parnter.
  • When the couple feels "burned out" as a couple.

Systemic Couple Therapy is helpful when couples persist in patterns that do not make them happy. When differences repeatedly lead to disputes and arguments. When the end of the love relationship looms near.