Relationship Counselling & Couples Therapy

Birgit Fehst offers couples therapy for international couples of all sexual orientations. Individual counseling (with hypnosis, if required) on all matters of the heart available as well.

Sessions available in German and English in my private practice for relationships and other matters of the heart, located in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Call Birgit Fehst at 030 854 01770.

I am German with a Russian grandfather, I lived in Paris and studied in San Francisco. I really enjoy working with international couples of all sexual orientations as well as individuals with issues all around relationships like romance, marriage, love sickness but also depression, anxiety, anger, etc.. (yes, those are indeed relationship issues). 

My aim is to find a sustainable solution as quickly as possible so you won’t need years of therapy or counseling. That is why I also offer hypnosis- often times couples problems are in part based on personal issues of one or both partners, and hypnosis is a wonderful and extremely effective way to get to the point and get help. I also work with the methods of David Schnarch. Both men and women can equally feel safe and secure. This method is pragmatic, direct, yet with heart and soul. Are you ready? I am looking forward to hearing from you!