Simplifying German bureaucracy is our mission. From registering your German residence to applying for your tax ID, from getting your health insurance to opening your bank account, from filing your tax return to obtaining your certified translation — myGermanExpert is the easiest way to get settled in Berlin.

What we offer:

We simplify your registration (Anmeldung) at the Bürgeramt.

The registration process in Berlin can be very challenging and stressful. That is why we gave our online registration form a simple structure and adapted it to the needs of our customers. Our online and multilingual service has been designed to make the filling in of forms and applying for the ‘Anmeldung’ as easy as possible.

Enter the information in your preferred language and receive the filled in Anmeldung form instantly translated into German. Then hand it in to the appropriate Bürgeramt, equipped with the necessary information for yourself and the public official. We will guide you step by step throughout your Anmeldung process.

Whether you want to live in Berlin or any other town in Germany — we provide an efficient and affordable online service. With our expert knowledge you avoid the stress of moving and streamline the relocation process.

How it works:

1. Go to our website, sign up and fill in our online registration form in your preferred language. It takes 5 minutes.

2. Add your completed Anmeldung form to the cart and pay online with PayPal. It only costs 5€.

3. You will immediately receive 2 emails.

- The first email contains a PDF form: This is your completed Anmeldung form which was instantly translated into German. Answers were also adapted to the form.

- The second email includes a Registration Pack, the landlord letter (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) and a letter of presentation for the Bürgeramt official.

4. Print & sign the registration form.

That's it, you are now ready to register your residence in Berlin. And don't forget to book a Bürgeramt appointment!