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Better mortgages! Tailor-made! Great terms! Mortgages for foreign investors at unbeatable terms! We are connected to all appropriate banks and very proactive bankers! Up to 80% LTV! Mortgages of any size and for any investment! Just contact us!

The better mortgage! Tailor-made! Great-terms!

SIXPERCENT offers quick & simple mortgages for every type of foreign investor - individual, commercial, or corporate. Our goal is to find the mortgage that fits your situation best, we don't believe in pressing you into one-size fits-all terms. Thus - depending on you as well as the property you intend to buy - you can get a mortgage of up to 80% LTV (single apartments, block of flats, development projects, commercial buildings, commercial units, etc.).

Our best fixed-rate terms currently are: 1.10% (5y), 1.70% (10y), 2.40% (15y) and 2.85% (20y). Minimum mortgages start from Euro 10,000 and the maximum with the sky as the limit.

As with every Mortgage Broker in Germany, we earn a commission directly paid by the bank when we succeed in getting you a mortgage. As a matter of fairness, we therefore strongly decline charging our clients extra fees for small mortgages, short fixing periods, or extra services.

Our assets: Long-term experience and valuable contacts including all the appropriate banks, as well as with proactive bankers. Read our FAQ for full details.

Try us - you will be happy!



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