Red Tape Translation Berlin - Kathleen Parker

Take a translator with you to the Berlin Ausländerbehörde or job center. Make 3-way phone calls in German with help from an interpreter. We offer affordable interpreting and translation services to English speakers facing German bureaucracy.

Visiting public offices in Berlin can be stressful if you haven’t yet mastered German, and hiring an immigration lawyer in Berlin is costly. Kathleen Parker can travel with you to your appointment at the real estate agent, apartment viewing, business meeting, or public authority. The fees are reasonable and the service is excellent: its a small price to pay for the security that comes with being able to communicate in German at your appointment. 

Reasons you might need Red Tape Translation to communicate in German:

  • you have a visa appointment to get a freelance work permit in Berlin
  • you have to register your Berlin address 
  • you need to show up at the Arbeitsagentur in Berlin to claim your unemployment benefits
  • you want to make a good impression at the Berlin apartment viewing
  • you have to call your German landlord, organise a business meeting in Berlin, make an appointment, or get something delivered
  • you're having surgery in Berlin and would like some English language support
  • you've received a letter you can't read, and need a German or English translation
  • you need a certified translation of your birth certificate to get married in Berlin

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