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Hallo - can anyone recommend an English-speaking VW mechanic in Berlin? Danke!

started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1454927870 · posted: 1453817613

How much is it to import and run a British car on German plates please?

started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1453468607 · posted: 1450453538

Driving south to Frankfurt soon. Is it cheaper to put as much as possible here in Berlin or keep topping up from say 1/4 of a tank, on the journey?

started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1443526390 · posted: 1442353860

Is there a Berlin motor exhibtion like the one in Frankfurt?

started by: Wallito · last update: 1443182798 · posted: 1442565402

Hi, Driving across Europe and through Germany. Can anyone tell me how much a litre of diesel is over there at the moment? If there's more than one grade, the price of the top grade would be great. Thanks!

started by: TheChiefKaiser · last update: 1442614490 · posted: 1441142342

How do you pay a parking fine accrued in Berlin please?

started by: Percival-10044606 · last update: 1442307635 · posted: 1438247201

Is there a large car market or auction anywhere in the Berlin area?  

started by: Harry Upski · last update: 1439990218 · posted: 1439810796

Anyone know of a second hand car dealer that might stock or specialise in electric vehicles?

started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1437740706 · posted: 1437475538

Has anyone driven to Barcelona from Berlin and has any tips for me? I'm thinking about making the journey this August. Is it doable in a day, or is a night away needed?

started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1437386696 · posted: 1437138089

What are the car sharing / pooling systems in the city?

started by: Cocolee · last update: 1435233661 · posted: 1435233661

We are looking at buying a used car but at loss on the best place to buy one. Anybody got recommendations on car yards?

started by: PierreT · last update: 1434730673 · posted: 1434730673

Where do you guys go for your car maintenance?

started by: Suzanne A. · last update: 1433881119 · posted: 1433691940

Looking for a taxi company with child seats, any leads?

started by: Johnny Bravo-924257 · last update: 1433511163 · posted: 1432833864

My bike was stolen this morning. Any recommendations on where to score a secondhand?

started by: busterg-557743 · last update: 1430424462 · posted: 1430424462

Hello, could anyone help with an issue I have with a German registered car.  I recently bought the car and received only have the small part of the registration document, at the time I was not aware there was a second larger part, totally my fault as I should have investigated further. The previous owner is away on military duty and I need the ownership part to be able to re-register the car.  is it possible to obtain a duplicate?, and what would I need to do this as the car is still registered in the previous owners name. To complicate things further we are resident in France.   I would welcome any advice.  Thanks Mark    

started by: Shanti-951050 · last update: 1430324149 · posted: 1429792366

Looking to buy a nice bike for myself. Any recommendations for a nice bike shop? Something that wouldn't cost much but of good quality.

started by: Hans Solo · last update: 1428682538 · posted: 1427730542

Car painter recommendations in Prezlauer Berg please...

started by: