Driving to Spain

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Has anyone driven to Barcelona from Berlin and has any tips for me? I'm thinking about making the journey this August. Is it doable in a day, or is a night away needed?


Harry Upski 1437564509

If I were you I would have multiple drivers if you're going to try it in one day. It's about 1800 kilometres away!!

Personally I'd probably stop off twice and do the journey over three days.

Miriam-10044607 1437648255

Almost certainly not possible in one day. Consider rest breaks too. The Formula 1 motels in France are very reasonable.

Berlina1 1437740706

There would be myself and my husband who could both drive but I think it makes sense to not try and force the issue. Best just take out time. Thanks for the suggestions of the Formula 1. We've stayed in them once before but the shared bathroom wasn't the most pleasant of experiences.

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