How to find a good transport company?

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Guys, I live in London and plan to move. Who knows which shipping company provides transportation and packing services.

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Bill-Memerik-995045 1622115877

My move was comfortable thanks to billerica ma therefore I can recommend this team to anyone who is planning their move. These are very neat guys who packed our things with high quality for the move and moved to a new house.

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Kolin-Tersu-1013011 1638186716

rivet, there are pros and cons to a change of residence. One advantage is the new apartment, new locations near the house, and such a small life. One disadvantage is that all the stuff has to be packed, moved and then unpacked again, although some people like that. But if the person with the van London can help you move things, it is unlikely that someone will help you to pack everything and then unpack back.

Felix-Felinni-1014240 1652702341

In the comments I found advice on which company to contact for help with moving. And I can share my experience. I have moved to new rental apartments several times and used the services of They always offer a good discount and have experienced professional workers who do their job very well. I definitely recommend if you need shipping

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