Price of fuel

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Driving south to Frankfurt soon. Is it cheaper to put as much as possible here in Berlin or keep topping up from say 1/4 of a tank, on the journey?


Harry Upski 1450880364

Usually cheaper to buy 'off of the beaten track'. The price is cheap now anyway and the amount of money yo would save is negligible.

Harry Upski 1451309213

If you want to keep abreast of the prices look here:

Kartoffelkopf 1451518135

Thanks very much for the replies guys!

Miriam-10044607 1453238990

I can't believe how cheap it's got recenty. Any idea if it's going to get any better?

Harry Upski 1453302240

Its predicted to fall to $28 a barrel. The OPEC lot are massivley over producing it at the moment, presumably to kill the previosuly burgeoning US shale gas industry.

Miriam-10044607 1453468607

So that's going make petrol and diesel at the pumps cheaper?

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