Why are most cabs mercedes branded?

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Why are most cabs Mercedes? I just noticed that most of the cabs are Mercedes. Does anyone know the reason? Actually, I asked a German friend but he said that ever since it has been that way...


SeanG 1417521241

I haven't noticed this before...

MrAL 1418140175

Nationalism or Patriotism perhaps.

SeanG 1418312232

Maybe because this is similar to the bank notes or coins where the commonly used or available currency value has the image of often either the most important personality of the country or a national hero. Take a look at the local currency or both the British pound and American dollar. And MrAL is correct perhaps...

Chris Philippe 1418412346

I concur with MrAL and SeanG and I think it is more of the preference of the people. Thanks.

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