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My car will soon be needing new tyres; is there a cheap tyre place in Berlin as the dealer I talked to yesterday has quoted me quite a hefty price. Any recommendations?

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Does any have any experience registgring their bike in Berlin with the police department in case it gets stolen?

started by: Aussie101 · last update: 1404750466 · posted: 1403866477

Need some parts for my bike. Anyone knows any good places to go?

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Hi everyone, need some advice here. A friend have a 2-year-old car and plans to bring it with her when she transfers here in Berlin later this year. Would the car get modifications once in here? Are there certain tire requirements she needs to know about?Any valuable inputs would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Can anybody recommend a good bike mechanic? English speaking preferred please. Around Prenzlauer Berg area would be great.

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Does anyone know of a second hand car auction in Berlin?

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Can anyone recommend a campervan or caravan hire company?

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Hi guys I'm looking for some info/advice on how I register my UK car in Berlin.   I really need to know what modifcations I need to make, e.g. headlamps, how much it'll cost and where I get it done etc. and then general stuff for tax and insurance. Any other practical advice would be appreciated too. Thanks, in advance, John

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I recently dinged my car - looking for recommendations for a trustworthy and reliable car repair shop. Thanks.

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Hi all. Is it possible to get German drivers licence even if you are not resident?

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Can anyone recommend a car upholsterer in Mitte or nearby areas? My dog has taken a bite of the leather seat and would like to have it repaired before it gets worse.

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Hi there. New here in Berlin and was wondering if anyone knows of a vintage car club I could join?

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This forum is for discussing motoring (and biking!) in Berlin-----Forums Administrationberlin.forums@angloinfo.com

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Hi I'm looking for a driving school that has a teacher that speaks English. Or a private teacher that can help me study for the German driving exam in English.  Thanks in advance.

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So I am starting to think about doing some racing. Question is: Do you need to join a club to be able to join a race? 

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Any recommendations for bike shops near Mitte or Alexanderplatz with decent deals?

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Does anyone know where I can hire a 4x4 for a short term without insurance?

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Can anyone recommend a car dealer in the Prenzlauer Berg area? I am looking for a car lot that sells reliable reasonably priced cars taken in as part exchange for newer models.  Thanks.

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I'm in need of a really good driving tutor. Can anyone recommend a good one here? I've been driving for 5 years but still needs to pass the driving test again here in Germany.

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I'd like to buy a second hand car as I'm settling here for an indefinite time -- what would be the steps that needs to be done? Would appreciate any help extended.

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