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I need to finally get a bike in Berlin. Anywhere near Mitte or Alexanderplatz with decent deals? Thank you!!  

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I visiting in UK and bought an old mercedes C250TD estate Consequently I am now looking to buy a luggage cover and a set of RHD headlights It would be greatly appreciated if some kind person could supply the phone No e/mail of a reputable  breaker / dismantler in Germany Many thanks Jim Campbell

started by: Gerome-924264 · last update: 1384435890 · posted: 1384254041

Does someone knows when winter tyres have to be put on this year? Any idea of the cost to change summer tyres to winter tyres? Thanks.

started by: rockstar-895434 · last update: 1383241870 · posted: 1383227949

Does anyone know where I can get the air-conditioning system in my campervan repaired? 

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1383230882 · posted: 1382703868

Hi everyone. Does anyone know if I can rent a car with a US drivers license? I don't usually drive here but would like to rent a car for a weekend. Thanks.

started by: BlueSwan-924256 · last update: 1382270390 · posted: 1381937986

Does anybody know approximately how long would it take transfer a US driving license into a German one?

started by: GlennS · last update: 1381254900 · posted: 1380720546

Can anyone recommend a car company where I can rent a 4WD at a reasonable price?

started by: applepicker · last update: 1379336697 · posted: 1378647504

Any recommendations for a cheap car insurance here in Berlin?

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I've been driving prior to moving here but haven't driven since arriving -- and I would like to get a few refresher driving lessons, as it is now becoming difficult getting around especially having kids in tow. Can anyone recommend classes in English?

started by: Bryan-895428 · last update: 1371637601 · posted: 1371566953

I recently bought a car and is now looking around for insurance. The insurance needs to have the full insurance covering liability and comprehensive. My German is probably not good enough to deal with the insurers if something goes wrong, so I would like to ask for any information/advice on hunting for car insurance. 

started by: NOA-895442 · last update: 1370273149 · posted: 1369399799

I am planning of renting a car for a weekend. Is it possible if I don't own an EU license?

started by: ScoobyDoo1-895437 · last update: 1366284661 · posted: 1366284661

A friend is looking for a place to have customized leather car seats. Any suggestions?

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can anyone point me where i can find inner tubes for my mountain bike. many thanks.

started by: Dan0402 · last update: 1364897047 · posted: 1362056400

Looking for suggestions on where to pick up a decent used bike without being ripped off. Probably shops that sell second hand bikes. Any advice would be appreciated.  

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Has anyone tried this? What was the experience like? 

started by: jakescoh · last update: 1359320314 · posted: 1359320314

As a newly arrived expat (EU citizen) living in Berlin, would appreciate any updated help, advice or suggestions about LEASING a car in Berlin. Assistance appreciated!

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Hi, I want to ask question about importing car in Germany. I’m non-EU citizen. This year I want to travel across EU countries. I plan to begin my journey in Holland (?). Because I want to travel to different cities in EU I plan to buy car in Holland, probably WV Golf. I’m planning to travel in Belgium, France….. I will end my journey in Germany. I not need car to travel to my home (outside of EU) and for that I wish to sell my car in Germany. My question is what should need to pay buyer of my car from Germany (some taxes or…). What documents I will need to give to buyer from Germany. What is procedure for my case?

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Hello. Newly arrived in town with an old car - winter tires will cost more than car is worth - and not worth spending money on to see it through another year. Will somebody please recommend a scrap yard which will take it off my hands at the end of this month? Preferably in or near Steglitz. Many thanks.  

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Hello all,I'm hoping to be able to pick your brains on the subject of buying a car in Germany for export. I'm living in France and have seen the major price difference in cars between France and Germany, I'm looking into buying a second hand car in Germany but I don't quite know the procedure for buying for export, I know that the Germans are a bit different in regards to number plates etc but not sure what I will need, what I will need to do and what the car needs??Can anyone shed some light on the situation??Many thanks,Craig

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Anyone know where I can get a shell for my Mini's mirrors ?

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