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I have been offered a car (modern) by a family friend, whom lives in Berlin, I would like to buy the car but i live in France. How do i go about exporting the car to France? What happens about registration plates and temporary insurance for the drive to France? Any help would be appreciated... Thank you.

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I need some legal advice with regards to purchasing a vehicle in Germany.I want to purchase a vehicle in Germany, but I don't have a permanent address in Germany. After purchasing the vehicle I want to travel extensively throughout the EU for an extended period of time - possibly for as long as 12 months.Without a permanent address in Germany what do I need to do in order to ensure that the vehicle is "legal" in all respects - registration, insurance..... etc and will remain legal in all the EU countries through which I will travel.Thanks for your advicePCG

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Hello I Want to Know how to register a USA Ford F150 I Know there are some models in germany and the engine was made in Cologne (I think) How much does a control by dekra cost if I can't get hold of a Ewg cert It was previously registered in the UK.

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I am shipping a motorcycle to Berlin and need to store it for about 6 months. There seems to be plenty of storage available for pretty much any item you can think of apart from vehicles. I intend to rent a lock up garage in the future but until I have been in country for some time this will not be possible. Does anyone know of any vehicle storage facilities available in the Berlin area? I would even consider somewhere out of Berlin. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Can you rent them - where?

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hi everybody, just moved to Berlin and im really interested in buying a used bicycle in good condition. ideas and suggestions welcome.thanks, Costa

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As the weather is slowly starting to improve you might be thinking of getting a bike to see more of Berlin - there is an auction of bikes on Tuesday 29th March from lost property (left on trains etc.) at GoIndustry Deutschland GmbH auction house, Werdauer Weg 23 (Near S-Bahnhof Schöneberg). Viewing is on the day of the auction between 8am and 10am. The auction itself starts at 10am.

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My German is terrible so I'm hoping I don't have to take the test and can instead exchange my American license for a German one. A friend mentioned this might be possible. DOes anyone know where I might be able to get definitive info on this? Thanx. And Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Am driving to Estonia border next week...Mon18th or Tue19th leaving France via Nederlands,Belguim,Germany,Poland & Latvia....Does anyone require a lift? If interested please, be serious not like the messers about l had last time. Contacting me via PM is best.Thank you.

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Hi, I live in France and would like to buy some cars in Germany, I am looking for some contacts in the trade. pmm

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We are driving to Freiburg on 27 May returning 1 June and can take 1 or 2 passengers (contribution towards fuel requested). We will be travelling via Stuttgart etc. so if anyone wants a lift to Freiburg/dropping off en route - please e-mail me. Tim

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The weather has improved and if you're a keen cyclist like me you will no doubt be taking the cover off your bike and pumping up the tyres ready for some good times ahead. I don't know if people are aware but the police can stop you and do a bike check to see if it's roadworthy. Make sure your bike has front, rear and side reflectors. You are also required to have a dynamo-powered or battery powered functioning lights front and rear! If you get pulled over and your bike fails the spot check you will end up with a warning, if your lucky, a fine if not! The police differentiate between bikes used for fitness "Sportgerät" which are exempt from the safety requirements. Bikes used for commuting fall under "Stadtrad" must fulfil the safety requirements. Beware and happy cycling!

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If you are having difficulty getting to the UK or anywhere else due to the volcano there is a website where people are listing space in vehicles travelling all around Europe and beyond. If there is not one that meets your requirements you can also post your journey requirements and if anyone is going your way they can contact you. There are lots of postings so it is worth a try. http://www.roadsharing.com/

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I was due to fly to the UK for a week at the end of May, but in view of the current situation with the air disruption and the possibililty it may continue for a few weeks I have decided to drive back instead as I need to bring some stuff back with me anyway. I have room for two passengers and will be departing 20/21 May if anyone is interested. A contribution towards fuel/ferry cost is requested!

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ANyone fancy joining me in the Hamburg - Berlin classic car rally? It's in August and the guy who was going to be my "navigator" has just realised it clashes with a visit to the US so I need someone pretty reliable!

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I need to move some furniture, and personal effects (probably a transit van load), from Berlin to France. There is no time urgency unless I need to accompany the load. Would probably suit someone delivering a load here and returning empty. Can offer accommodation at the other end in France (Poitou Charente - department 16)

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Hi I am a registered Anglo Info user in France and find it really useful. I have a BMW 523i 1997 which has been imported from the UK. It needs replacement headlights to comply with French laws. It doesn't matter if they are regular headlights or 'Angel eyes'.I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what breakers' yards are called in Germany because it would be great if I could buy the headlights second hand, obviously. Alternatively, does anyone have the phone number for the BMW main dealer in Germany, please?Many thanks in anticipation.Mrs P

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Anyone know of a website which sells quirky car accessories - am looking for a special xmas present for someone with a sports car. Cheers

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Hi, I recently imported my Honda Odyssey from the US to Germany thinking that I would save money and stress not trying to by a car here....wrong!!! Can anyone help me with tips on where to find the parts needed to get the entire light system up to standard for tüv? Apparently what is manufactered here with the Eu Prüfzeichen does not fit the Honda Odyssey. I am aware of several Odysseys being registered here from what's listed on autoscout24.de, so it must be somehow possible to do this. Is there a way to get around the lights having the Prüfzeichen? Any information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you for your help.Jonathan

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Can anyone tell me the rules for cyclists over here? For example is a helmet obligatory,etc?

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