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Do you know someplace to get my bike fixed ?

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Hi everybody,I'm recently arrived in Berlin and I'm looking for a bike to use during my stay here. If you can help me, I'll be so glad. Thank You

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hi,does anyone know whether you can drive a motorbike in germany, and up to what power, just on a car driver's license? e.g. in france, even though you don't have a motorbike license, you can drive up to 125cc on a car driver's license.is it also possible to take a driving test in a neighboring country even though you are resident in germany? i'm thinking belgium cos then i'd be able to take the test in french, which i have better command of than german.thanks for any pointers!

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Hi there, i am looking to move back to my hometown Berlin in Germmany, is anyone interessted to share a little van with me or does anyone move to Germany and can take some stuff of mine ( i will pay of course) . Thank you very much Lutzi 0623558294

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How can I register my beloved Austin Somerset in Germany or can I leave it UK registered as I plan to only be in Germany for up to 12 months?

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We are coming to Berlin for 3 months approx v soon - I guess we can use public transport on a daily basis but may need a car occasionally. I read about car sharing schemes and notice they are much cheaper than hiring from the big names. Is it possible to join these schemes for a short time or do you have to sign a limited contract - how does it work?

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where can I find one in Berlin for hire touring within Germany and maybe Poland for up to one month - heard there are some "no go" countries for hire cars - I guess this is for camper vans too. Advice appreciated - especially on "no go" areas and "must see" places.

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Hi I am hoping you can HELP!..I live in France and I am trying to find out what a load cover for a Mercedes Estate Avantgarde is called so I can try and find a secondhand one on Ebay or Anglo info. I have tried all sorts of words but no luck. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to giveliving the dream in France

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I will be driving to the UK for Xmas and was wondering if anyone would like to share the costs? I want to leave between the 17th and 19th Dec - back around the 3rd or 4th of January. I will be going to London.

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I visited Berlin recently and Im not sure if I was caught on camera speeding on the Autobahn near Hannover on the way back. We were in a bit of a rush to make the ferry from Rotterdam and I admit I was pushing it on to make it on time. I heard that Germany has new speed cameras which apparently don't flash and aren't as obvious to the driver. How long will I have to wait before I know if I was caught or not? I already have 9 points on my licence and can't risk losing it as I need my car for work (I am a sales rep). WIll the German police prosecute me anyway or will they not follow up???

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Hi, I bought a second hand car in Offenbarch (Frankfurt am Main) in June and it had temporary licence plates which have now expired. The catch is, I never changed the name of ownership of the plates over, they always stayed in the other guys name. Im now wanting to re-register the car, does anyone know what I have to do?Im living in France at the moment and not going back to Offenbarch, I will however be going to Munich so can it be done outside of Offenbarch, given the plates are registered there?Tough question but any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!Michael Macarthur

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Is there a price comparison website for comparing German car insurance quotes?

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I want to take up a job offer later this year and move to Berlin for the next couple of years which means bringing my beloved Alfa with me. I understand the public transport system in Berlin is great for day to day travel etc. but I would like my car to use at weekends to explore further afield if nothing else. Should I insure the car in England for the time it is in Germany or is it better/cheaper to do it in Germany? Do I have to register it and have a German number plate or is there a period of time which I can keep my own (personal reg) on it? How does car tax and general costs compare? Is there an Alfa workshop for services/repairs ? Judging from my research so far, I assume it will not be easy to find apartments with garages - do people rent them out privately and if so what is the likely cost per month?

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I fancy taking a little trip around deutschland and exploring life outside the grand metropolis, thought of maybe hiring a VW camper van, grabbing a map and taking to the open road and seeing some different scenery. Is there anywhere in Berlin which does hire them ? Are they all modern ones or can you hire the originals with the kitsch interiors? Also ideas wanted on where to go when I hit the road ?

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Ladies bike wanted! Just to get me to and from the S-Bahn! Grateful for any offers. Thanks

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Hi, am spending time in Germany first half of next year and wish to have my VW t5 swb transporter van converted to campervan. I know that Reimo manufacturer high top roofs etc and wondered whether anyone knows where they are based and whether or where I can purchase items. Also are there any small outfits fitting roofs. Also enquiring re RIB variotech seats/beds. Be good to get email from people who may have already done this etc. Thanks.Rue

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Im looking for a lift down to Stuttgart - how reliable is the mitfahr scheme or should I take a chance and hitch? Anybody been there done that?

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Which is the cheapest insurance and will it cover a replacement bike if stolen - do I have to have a specific type of bike lock?

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I'm looking to buy a used car in Berlin and am looking for advice on what steps need to be done. Ideally I'd like a car which isn't gonna cost a fortune to insure or maintain - what's the deal with inspections here, how often do you have to have them done? Also, is there a big difference between insurers and how do I know which is the best one for me?

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Very sad story this, we parked the car on Lychener Str on the edge of Helmholtz Platz on Thursday night, not noticing the signs about the Saturday market (one imbiss stand selling fish by the looks of it). This evening (sat) noticed the car was missing and immediately cancelled a nice evening at the cinema. I called the local police station (Eberswalder Str) who gave me a couple numbers to call, including the main police switchboard- 4664 4664- who search for my car and couldn't find anything. They suggested I report the car as stolen. So we popped round to Eberswalder Str station, who ran the details through their database, didn't find anything. I've now got a crime number for my missing car to allow me to claim on the insurance. Problem is... I really want my car back! In all likelyhood (it's a not very sporty Volvo V40) it hasn't been stolen, but the beauracracy has likely screwed-up. I left a note on the imbiss stand where my car was. Any other ideas? Anyone know where it would have been taken?

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