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I'll be taking some friends to a casino in Potsdamer Platz. Never been to one and would like to ask if you'll be needing a passport to get in? 

started by: Gillons-Kalin-1031100 · last update: 1652127762 · posted: 1652127677

What good online casino sites do you know?

started by: Neit-Kalin-1031098 · last update: 1652127640 · posted: 1652126603

What good online casino sites do you know?

started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1650705321 · posted: 1438210530

After a good venue for regular jazz concerts in Charlottenburg. Any recommendations?  

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As you can see, Geometry Dash is a game where youhave to use your geometric skills to dodge obstacles and collect points. Withour website, it's easier than ever to get started playing. The website providesan interactive tutorial on your right side that will guide you through thebasics of how to play the game. After reading this part of the tutorial, you'llbe ready to play in classic mode. As you progress through each level, you willgain more and more skills for dodging obstacles and collecting gems. You canalso customize your own character with different colors and shapes as well aschange their gender.The leaderboard is a great way for players to seehow they stack up against others from around the world. It's interestingbecause it shows how many times someone has completed each level in comparisonwith other people from around the world who are playing at that moment. It alsolets players compare their score with others from around the world, which ishelpful if they need to improve their skills in order to compete with otherpeople on a global scale.

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Any recommendations on where I can purchase a nice second hand acoustic guitar?

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Can you pick up UK sky satellite television from Berlin?

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Is there a renowned jazz venue for live music? Looking in the Krausenstrasse area.

started by: Harry Upski · last update: 1452559447 · posted: 1452003290

Is there the occasional English language comedy night anywhere that you know of?

started by: Miriam-10044607 · last update: 1452003234 · posted: 1451581517

Bit late notice but are there any meetups over the new year for expats and English speakers??

started by: DerMcFly · last update: 1449479889 · posted: 1448909613

Are there traditional carol services taking place in English this festive season?

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Is there a Christmas lights display / grand turning on in Berlin? And if so where's the biggest and the best?

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If you want to visit some of Berlin's attractions, is there a way of getting discounts for multiple bookings or a website that offers vouchers?

started by: Ultimatron · last update: 1447253419 · posted: 1445596790

Sorry for all the questions... My last relates to stadiums in Berlin. How many are there? I know there in the Hertha Berlin Stadium and the Olympic Stadium. Are there any more? Do they do guided tours? And do they have discounts for multiple stadium tours??

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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Along way from the sea, but when I visit with my nautically-enthusiastic father-in-law, is there any boating related activities I can take him too over the second week in November???

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Is there anything similar to the London Dungeons in Berlin? I'm looking for a medieval horror experience when I'm over visiting.

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What are the most iconic events in Berlin over the next couple of months please? Looking for a bit of a comprehensive list.

started by: Miriam-10044607 · last update: 1440602875 · posted: 1440499062

Are there any expos / clubs / meetups that bring together collectors of things like stamps and postcards? My husband is an avid collector of stamps and would like to see if he can obtain some old German and Eastern European ones. Thanks.

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I am looking for a burlesque show that myself and my wife can visit. Nothing seedy, just glamorous.

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