Ashes coverage

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Hi all. My second post so be gentle! Could anyone advise me how I can either watch or hear coverage of the cricket please?


Miriam-10044607 1436783673

You can listen to it on the interent radio, no? BBC 4 Test Match Special.

Kartoffelkopf 1436878316

I don't think I can. It said that it was rights restricted when I tried.

Harry Upski 1436956473

Hi there. You can listen to it on Youtube nowadays. It's available to certain countries and Germany is fortuantely one of them.

Percy-10044605 1437057727

As Harry says. You can listen to it here on TMS:

Kartoffelkopf 1437138052

Fantastic! Thanks very much. It works brilliantly.

Percy-10044605 1437386529

Hope you enjoyed the Test match. I think the Australians certainly did.

Berlina1 1437477157

Don't like or understand cricket. I take it the England team aren't very good at the moment?

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