UK sat TV

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Can you pick up UK sky satellite television from Berlin?


Harry Upski 1453303058

Maybe with a ginormous satellite dish, but other than that you need to watch UK telly on the internet.

Ultimatron 1453424292

Mmm, not really an option. Wha sort of speeds would I need and where do I go to watch? BBC / ITV etc all seem to lock me out.

Miriam-10044607 1453713531

You'll need a minimum of 4mbs I would say and even then it might be patchy.

SarahG-163490 1453910997

Are you watching thorough am internet connection that thinks you're in the UK? If its a standard one from abroad you'll get blocked.

Percy-10044605 1454349927

Just watch Filmon and be done with it.

Kartoffelkopf 1455544066

A decent IPTV service wipes the floor with filmon.

Over Christmas I watched The Revenant, The Danish Girl, The Martian, Legend and quite a number of other films all for my €20 a month subscription. And of course as much football as I wanted!

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