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The new film Unknown Identity with Liam Neeson filmed in Berlin got me thinking about "Berlin" films in general i.e. films with a Berlin link - which is your favourite and why?

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Hi my 16 year old son is going on an exchange trip to Germany which will finish with a day and night in Berlin, hes a long haired heavy metalist who is into free running (parcour) and is vegetarian. Any recommendations of must do/see things that are achievable in such a short time?We live over in Brittany, France and though his german is not that great he is fluent in french and english.

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Just to let everyone know that the next Karaoke party will be held on Saturday 5th February, stating at 20:00 and going on until 02:00, held at the following location. It's great fun - new voices always welcome!Venue : Tschaikowski ECKGrabbeallee 5513156 BerlinTel - (030) 485 8512 / Harry Gürtler(Buses: 107, 155, 250 und M1, "Tschaikowski" Haltestelle)You can find a huge list (15,000+) of the Karaoke songs onoffer on Paul's website so you can search for your favorites at www.PaulsKaraoke.com

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I heard about a new multilingual theater on Oranienstrasse but I am not able to find any information on google. If someone could tell me that name, it would be much appreciated! I think it opened roughly a few months ago...Thanks,Loulou

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Anyone else fancy doing something daft to start the year? There is a pancake run in Pankow (where else?) on Saturday with races for individuals and teams. I have two possibles for a team relay but we need a 4th - anyone interested?

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Hey!I just wanted to let people know about an event happening on 15th - 16th January for Japanese Art, fashion, culture ect.Please check out the website for more information:http://www.japanfestival.de/index.phpThe entry prices are:Day ticket: 13€ *(inklusive aller Vorstellungen, Shows & Auftritte).Two-Day-Ticket:23€ *(inklusive aller Vorstellungen, Shows & Auftritte).*Senioren, Schüler und Studenten & fans in Cosplay costume get 3€ off the entry fee !!Open times are 10am - 6pm on both days!<3

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Coming to Berlin for last minute xmas break - so does the city really never sleep ? Looking for clubs/gigs over christmas period - cheers

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Berlin's best kept secrets ... surely there must be some cool places to hang out here - I just haven't found them yet!

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I have two mates coming over who've asked me to take them to the best Berlin has to offer - not being much of a night owl myself i have no clue where to start looking...ideas/suggestions please!

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Are they coming to Berlin - someone told me they are definitely playing Hamburg next July but I can't find any info about a Berlin date. Surely they are coming here?

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I've been invited to an 18th birthday - what do I buy for a guy I hardly know! ANy ideas/tips appreciated!!

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The English Theatre Berlin is hosting a series of book readings by English-speaking celebrities who live in Berlin. In November it's Holly Jane Rahlens author of "Becky Bernstein Goes Berlin" one of my favourite books! It's at 8pm. The website is www.etberlin.de - put the date in your diaries! There are also other authors each month - see website!

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If entertainment is really involved in the "ruin of our society," we're done for.Because just like books, essays, poetry, biographies and just about every literary styleyou can name, entertainment accomplishes the exact same goal we've beenaccomplishing for thousands of years: telling stories. One need only observe their local theatre to admit that entertainment is one ofthe most successful, enjoyable, thought-provoking activities available. The last goodmovie I saw was nothing short of breathtaking, insightful, powerful and unpredictable.Everyone in the theatre was having a wonderful time - laughing at funny moments,crying at sad ones, even clapping at the end. We were all together, as one, witnessingthis wonderful story unfold, extremely attentive, at the edge of our seats, for the entireshow. The movie posed excellent moral dilemmas which got us all to think: was theman right in his choice to stand up for his country, risking his life, his people, all in the name of freedom.

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How do I get tickets for a group of 10 adults coming to Berlin on 15th October ? We are staying for 1 week and would love to take advantage of the opportunity to see Simon Rattle and the Phil. Thank you.

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Tonight there is an opening for a new Burlesque party:Salon- Koket CCCP Club on Rosenthaler Str. 71, Berlin-Mitteits only 6€ entry and should be fun! I am not too sure about dress code but I image smart and sophisticated is always a must at these parties!!http://www.salon-kokett.com/

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could someone tell me the name or the location of the street festival just north of charlottenburg. it was on the first weekend of september 2009. just wondering if it would be on again. i found it by accident last year.

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In case anyone is interested there is a fascinating theatre production at the Studio (English Theatre) in Kreuzberg with actors from NY and Berlin exploring the effects of the Third Reich on Jewish and German actresses - it's free to get in and is well worth it - it's on again tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm or, if you can't make it, also on again on 24 August - the theatre is at Fidicinstrasse 40 - literally a couple of minutes from U Platz der Luftbruecke or slightly longer from U Mehringdamm.

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Has anyone else discovered this fantastic discount card for classical concerts etc. It costs €15 (only available to the under 30s, sorry!) and is valid for one year. You can use the card to buy tickets one hour before the performance starts at a fixed price of €8 for concerts or €10 for opera and ballet. It means you take pot luck with seats but sometimes get the best seats for a ridiculously cheap price!! You can also take a friend with you to specific concerts once a month as long as they are under 30 too. The website is (in German) http://www.classiccard.de/

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My folks are coming for a visit and I would like to take them to the theatre if possible - do any of the big theatres ever do productions in English?

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Anyone know if there any pubs / clubs doing a bit more than just showing the footie during the world cup - e.g. special food or live music ?

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