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Join us for the last weekend in May!The Road Junky Film Festival is coming to BerlinMay 28th, 29th, & 30th Come early, stay late!The Road Junky Travel Film Festival is a place for travelers to come together and share their vision of the world through the media of film. We'll be showing shorts and features from independent film makers who offer strong, subjective perspectives to change the way we see the world.Sites like www.roadjunky.com have given travelers a way to network with like-minded souls in a virtual space and now we're calling all those with the spirit of adventure alive inside them to congregate in Berlin to share their experiences and celebrate the essence of travel, crossing personal and cultural boundaries.During the day there will be workshops on making and editing travel documentaries, photography and writing on the road, as well as presentations from travel writers and discussion groups based on issues and themes central to the travel experience. The evening's films will be preceded by rounds of storytelling from travelers in the audience and then we''ll party until the morning local swing bands and DJ"s.Film screenings, presentations and storytelling will be streamed live online so that travelers all around the world can join in the first event of its kind. Located at the BetahausPrinzessinnenstraße 19-2010969 Berlin, Germany030 60980927OR VISIT www.betahaus.de

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Anyone going to 50 Cent at Columbiahalle fancy meeting up near Mehringdamm for a few bevvies beforehand?

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We are in Berlin next Sunday (14th), does anybody know if there is a bar that will be showing the match?

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Has anyone got any plans for must-see films at the festival - it would be nice to go to something a bit different from the major movies at the smaller venues - recommendations please!

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Hi there - seeing as it's a new year it would be nice to venture to pastures new and not the same old same old ! It would be great if you could put your recommendations here of your favourite clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and events for others to enjoy;-

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Anyone know of a scrabble club? Would love to have some people to test my skills against.

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Does anyone know of any WWOOF places near Berlin?

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I have four friends coming over to celebrate new year - we don't just want to do a few pubs and the BB gate - can anyone recommend a good venue?

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If you only had time to visit one museum or art gallery in Berlin which one would you go to? I have a friend coming to visit and want to make the best of their trip.

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Does anyone know the opening hours for the egyptian museum?

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Anyone know of anywhere that does film hire through the post, like Love Film does in UK? I'm very interested to find a service like this,

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Back in UK we used to attend a pub quiz every week, and really enjoyed it as a way to make friends and maybe even learn something! Are there anywhere that does quizzes here, and if not would there be interest in getting one started up?

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I heard that Robbie's new album is due later this year and he is touring - anyone know if he is coming to Berlin ?

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I have some friends coming over and we plan to do several museums - just wondered if there are any passes you can buy for entry into more than one museum which might save some money??

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Are there any open air concerts - classical around these dates ???

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Saturday 4 July - Independence Day Festival at Strandbad Plotzensee - €5 entry - all welcome!

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Somebody told me this has been cancelled - can't say I'm surprised as I don't know how the music industry makes money in this day and age of downloading and piracy. At least Michael Jackson' debts will have been wiped out in a matter of hours - can't get his CDs for love nor money (not that I was looking to buy one ...

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Which is the best one? I have a friend coming for four days in August and I plan to do a whistle stop tour of berlin - we won't have time to do all the exhibitins for the 20th anniv. so I plan to include 1 or 2.

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Anyone fancy meeting up for the Faith no more concert at Wuhlheide on 16 June?

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Still planning our trip in July - I notice there are loads of exhibitions especially to commemorate the Berlin Wall coming down/end of communism etc. We can't visit them all - which exhibitions are "must see"?? Also - recommendations for child-friendly exhibitions and museums or other suggestions as to what we shouldn't miss out on when we visit Berlin - grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.

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