started by: SteveR-335573 · last update: 1242636071 · posted: 1242028535

I am newish to Berlin. Are there any groups which just meet up for a drink - no club or sport attachment?

started by: Gigi-335730 · last update: 1242202228 · posted: 1242031602

Hi again, Recommendations please for events in Berlin with two children - we are staying approx. 5 days and would like to cover as much as possible! Thanks.

started by: frau · last update: 1239965470 · posted: 1239788034

My mum is coming out to visit on Saturday and I would like to know what you think are the places 'not to be missed' in the city!

started by: frau · last update: 1239359019 · posted: 1239125828

What festivities are to be expected in Berlin over the Easter period?

started by: lifeonmars-335215 · last update: 1239116439 · posted: 1238403572

Can anyone recommend a party venue for approx. 25-30 people, central if poss so everyone can get there or near good transport links?? cheers m'dears!

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1237965454 · posted: 1237883940

Is anyone going along to see Julian Gough at Kaffee Burger (Torstrasse near Rosa Luxemburg Platz) tomorrow (25th March) at 9pm?? There's also live music from Erving. Admission is only €5.

started by: SophieR-334759 · last update: 1237452532 · posted: 1237452532

Years ago my mum saw Michael Crawford in Billy Liar at Drury Lane theatre in London. She has a vinyl LP of the soundtrack but would love a CD. As it was 1976 (?) and pre-CD does anyone know if there is anywhere I could get hold of one?

started by: Yorkshirelass-332884 · last update: 1236267671 · posted: 1235641943

A friend took me along to one of these and I thought others on this forum might be interested - there are free lunchtime concerts at the Berlin Phil (in the foyer). You can eat lunch and listen to fabulous music. They are held on Tuesdays at 1pm.

started by: Bunky B-332242 · last update: 1235412924 · posted: 1235208513

Saw it at Drury Lane theatre in London a few years ago with Lee Evans and Nathan Lane, the chap who originally did it on Broadway - it was excellent. I think Richard Dreyfuss was supposed to be in it but it didn't work. Now it's coming to Berlin in May and I am partly intrigued as to how it will work in German - anyone else planning on going?

started by: Snoopy-332660 · last update: 1235053265 · posted: 1235042184

Is she coming to Berlin? I can only find dates for Hamburg and Munich - is she likely to miss out on the big one??

started by: vigar · last update: 1233273901 · posted: 1232842449

i would like to know if they are places in and around Berlin to play at open mic sessions, in pubs, clubs etc. the type of music i am talking of is, acoustic guitar/vocals, in modern style folk. mtsongs

started by: Hoople · last update: 1230991845 · posted: 1230894412

i heard he is touring - anyone know if he is coming to Berlin????

started by: Major Tom-333592 · last update: 1229371254 · posted: 1220031031

I'm a Bowie fan and would like to follow in his footsteps. Does anyone know where exactly he lived when he was in Berlin in the 70's???? I heard conflicting reports that it was Kreuzberg or Schoeneberg. I plan to come to Berlin this autumn and would just be curious to see any places associated with him. I also saw a film years ago called Christiane F and wondered if it is available on DVD and if the clubs in the film still exist. Yep, I know it's sad but any info appreciated.

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1225787719 · posted: 1225700403

I heard they are doing some dates in the UK - anyone know if they are coming to Berlin??

started by: Coco-332601 · last update: 1222881372 · posted: 1222881372

Anyone going to the concert at the O2 this weekend who fancies meeting up for drinks beforehand?

started by: AndyM-333640 · last update: 1222589506 · posted: 1222589506

for beginner, have own saxophone but am a novice who would like to learn to play.

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1221723994 · posted: 1220949499

anyone know if they are coming to berlin = when ??? where??

started by: player3375-333737 · last update: 1221561145 · posted: 1221561145

hi everyone. I am Nicolas. I live in Nice,france. I will be visiting Munster on 4,5,6 and 7 November for my concerts. Its first time I come to germany and I don't know munster. I am curious to make friends and to meet them in those days. So, I am looking for friends around Munster....Anyone out there. I am in my early 30s email me please NM

started by: Coco-332601 · last update: 1221469438 · posted: 1220690082

I would like to buy a flat screen tv. Having looked at different models from famous to "no-name" brands and seen the huge difference in prices I would like to know is there really a huge difference in picture and sound quality? Last time I was persuaded to buy a Panasonic Quintrix for the sound quality but to be honest it's always seemed muffled and not that brilliant. The apartment is a maisonette and the stairs (open wooden stairs) are in the living room basically going up behind where the television is (has to be there cause of the antenna socket). Obviously up close in a store all the tvs look and sound good and before you know it there is usually a salesperson trying to direct you towards the one they will presumably make the most commission from selling. If poss I would like one which costs less than €600 - mid size, not one of these home cinema giants. Advice, recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

started by: Yorkshirelass-332884 · last update: 1220604203 · posted: 1219690234

Hi there! Is anybody going to this and fancy meeting up - it sounds really interesting but I'm not sure if it's something I'[d want to do by myself. Also anybody been to previous ones - which museums are the best to go to and any worth a miss???

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