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on Saturday and I want to go somewhere really special to celebrate. Where have you been and had a great night? Is there anything out of the ordinary I could do?

started by: claudia's clone · last update: 1219144967 · posted: 1219059064

I've never been to this event - would those of you who have say it is worth seeing? When and where is it being held this year?

started by: Marianne-333355 · last update: 1218728901 · posted: 1216973020

Peace and love to you all - come along to the hemp parade on Saturday August 2nd, 1 pm at Alexanderplatz under the TV Tower.

started by: Bunky B-332242 · last update: 1215678244 · posted: 1214947445

I'm miffed, too late and sob! sob! would love to see Coldplay in September. Alas, tickets seem to be sold out everywhere I look. Anyone know where I can still get a ticket for this???????

started by: Swordfish-332459 · last update: 1214558498 · posted: 1214481463

Anyone goin to the gig at the Wild at heart club on Jul 11???

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1214473002 · posted: 1214210797

Saw them at Newcastle a couple of years ago and noticed they are coming to berlin in september. Has anyone seen them recently? I was disapointed with the concert - brian and rog didn't let paul do to much singing and they kept singing stuff with videos of freddie at the back which - to me anyway - showed how much he was missing and how much they need him to make a great concert. Have they improved since???

started by: AnnieD-332446 · last update: 1214382139 · posted: 1214293742

heard that he's on tour at the moment, anyone know if he's coming to Berlin?

started by: Yorkshirelass-332884 · last update: 1213108575 · posted: 1212743441

Can anyone recommend a music teacher for flute in Berlin?

started by: Hoople · last update: 1212150005 · posted: 1212087201

Anyone up for coming to see the Foo Fighters on the 18 June at columbiahalle?

started by: bla bla-332333 · last update: 1211445722 · posted: 1210950909

My friends in the south of France have just bought tickets for the Madonna tour. Is Madonna playing in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany by any chance?

started by: Richard&Judy-332964 · last update: 1210858534 · posted: 1210858534

Lost in Translation? Richard and Judy want to review the wonderful, weird and wacky TV shows broadcast in Europe. Entertainment Programmes That Are Fabulously Eccentric Soaps With Surreal Storylines Bizarre Game-shows Programmes that would never be broadcast in the UK because they are so ridiculous. We need your suggestions. Please email your ideas to: Euro@Cactustv.co.uk

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1210578742 · posted: 1210412823

Any Amateur Dramatics groups in Berlin for English speakers. My German is pretty basic but I have been involved behind the scenes with lots of productions in my home town and would love to do something similar in Berlin. Don't know if there are any groups out there who perform in english???

started by: Sally J-332243 · last update: 1206872433 · posted: 1206609640

I have some relatives coming to visit me for a long weekend and I would like to get tickets for a really special evening out. As this is going to be a one off I want to make sure I choose something suitable for everyone. My aunt and uncle are in their early 50s, pretty easy-going and open to most suggestions. They would be happy with whatever I chose, but I want to make sure it's something they really remember. Any suggestions?

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Hi there! Our family (4 of us - two adults, two teenagers 12 and 15) are planning a short break in Berlin over Easter. We plan to spend 5 days in total and would like to do a bit of advance planning so we don't miss a thing. We'd be grateful for any input on places to go, things to do, things not to do, best ways of getting around the city, good places to eat .... just anything really so our trip to Berlin is memorable for all the right reasons!

started by: sunshine-332245 · last update: 1202738866 · posted: 1202456386

Anyone seen them - are they worth the hype?

started by: RubyTuesday-332709 · last update: 1202640904 · posted: 1202311022

Help!!!! Two tickets wanted for the Cure on the 16th Feb. Its sold out !!!!! How can I get tickets ? is there some place for last minute tickets and sold out events??

started by: Janine-332444 · last update: 1202404800 · posted: 1202054417

how do I get them?

started by: Jez1-332365 · last update: 1202371042 · posted: 1200515785

Reaching a big milestone later this year and starting to think about celebrations - greatful for suggestions where to go, how to celebrate in style and also anyone know of party caterers who will do a good (not mega teuer) job?

started by: Sally J-332243 · last update: 1202370956 · posted: 1199967770

Do many big stars come to the festival and where's the best place to see them ? Can you get tickets for the premieres easily?

started by: Canny Scot · last update: 1201680113 · posted: 1200732852

Any fellow Scots doing anything for Burns night? Anyone fancy a wee gettogether? More to the point - can you buy haggis in Berlin?

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