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Anyone celebrating it in style ? anyone recommend something for a group of mates to do in this cold city?

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hi, i have only just moved to germany so am not familiar with where to go buy a nintendo wii, apparantly you cannot find one for love nor money in the uk and i have a neice and nephew that desperately wants one for xmas, my sister (their mother) has heard they are easily available here so could i get them one, does anyone know which store to go to, i'd prefer somewhere in the west (dusseldorf, frankfurt etc) but am prepared to travel to wherever i have to. many thanks.

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I'm from the US and we usually have a great time at Halloween - it's a really big deal - does anyone know of any good Halloween events in Berlin?

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I'm an Australian and I've been travelling around Europe for the past six months or so, but now I've fallen in love with Berlin and would like to stay a bit longer but my visa doesn't cover me for working, I don't speak German and I need to have some sort of income to be able to fund my stay - any advice appreciated!

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Are there any reasonable classes or courses ? I made some enquiries but it seemed pretty expensive. Also is there anywhere to buy good dance shoes?

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Hi everyone, I am planning on moving to Berlin in the near future for a job and am coming to look round at the end of the month. I am not very familiar with Berlin so can anyone advise me on the best places to visit to get a feel for the city? Where are the best areas to look for housing?

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A good friend of our is coming up for 40 in October, she's had a tough year having split from her long term partner. We want to give her the 'full Monty' literally! I need ideas for cocktail bars and a male strip club please!

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... but in English. Here's the story: I'm a very happy with online talk radio listener - it has seriously improved my life while I'm slaveing over a pulsing hot computer - where you have pick of the best (and worst) in the world. But, I've decided I need to get outside a bit this year and I'd love to have radio with me. So, here's the question, before I go off and buy one (if they're still sold!?) will I be able to find anything in English to listen to? Where on the dial in Berlin might there be good (or okay) English speaking radio? All responses eagerly welcomed!

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I've just moved to Berlin, and was wondering if anyone knew any cinemas that show English language films in the Kreuzberg area?

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Does anyone know if there are any concerts at Sansoucci Palace this summer?

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Hello! My sister and I (we are Canadian) are coming to Berlin in July and was wondering if anyone as any suggestions on good places to eat or go out... perhaps we could even meet up for a drink! Any suggestions would be appreciated! cheers

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Hi Guys Does anybody have any information about the parade? Freddie

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I saw somewhere that Genesis are coming to Berlin in July, can anyone tell me when and where I can get tickets?

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Where can I look to find a really good list of what's on? Maria****

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