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We are expecting a newborn in November and trying hard to find an English speaking midwife (basic English / good German)  as soon as possible. Please send recommendations if possible!!!!

started by: Rory-Kenny-864625 · last update: 1468571619 · posted: 1468566268

We have just moved to Berlin and looking to employ a part-time bilingual (basic English + German / other) speaking nanny / childminder for our wonderful 2.5 yrs old child. We are based in Charlottenburg. Any recommendations???

started by: Bridie-10068506 · last update: 1456415929 · posted: 1456415929

I want to take my kids to the Batman v Superman film. Is it on anywhere in English? 

started by: Valsvals-10068512 · last update: 1456177337 · posted: 1456177337

Can anyone recommend a good childrens ballet class / dance school. German or English spoken is fine for age 4 to 8 years.

started by: Percival-10044606 · last update: 1451416892 · posted: 1448575111

What are the must-do kids' events in the capital this Christmas time? Got three little visitors for three weeks that will want entertaining.

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Hi all! Had anyone had experience with BBS?

started by: FlowersofMay · last update: 1435329221 · posted: 1434632852

Couldn't find anything on google, are there support groups for mothers with premature babies? 

started by: MsCupcake · last update: 1433773292 · posted: 1407343052

Looking for a typing tutor for my 10 year old niece to learn touch typing. Anyone know of any good free ones?

started by: Sophie-951057 · last update: 1433689054 · posted: 1433155723

Hi. Has anyone got recommendations on best places to shop for baby gears, ie strollers, bassinet, etc that has variety in terms of quality and price?

started by: Fairy Floss · last update: 1429616482 · posted: 1427647100

If anyone is looking for a baby sitter, I know of a great person for the job.

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1427195427 · posted: 1427195427

Looking for summer camps for kids, around Mitte or nearby areas preferred. Will be a nanny to a rowdy 5 and 7 year old kids; need to have them occupied this summer.

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1424269533 · posted: 1365264794

A niece of mine wants to take up the violin. I know it's quite expensive to buy a new one so I'm looking for a second hand musical instrument store. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks in advance.

started by: John-Weiss · last update: 1422541365 · posted: 1422204367

Hi there..., I am in tough spot right-now and looking for a professional's advice. Can someone recommend me a good English speaking psychologist here in Berlin? Thanks

started by: captain underpants · last update: 1417516965 · posted: 1416748715

Looking for an English speaking group within Mitte, Frierichshain, Prenzlauer Berg.

started by: Hans Solo · last update: 1416991307 · posted: 1416652295

I know, the topic is not appropriate because there is no Thanksgiving celebration in Germany. However, I am interested to celebrate Thanksgiving maybe with friends or just buy myself a nice turkey for meal. Any suggestions where to dine on Thanksgiving? Thanks.

started by: sleepyhead-895426 · last update: 1415872032 · posted: 1415527226

Hi all. Looking for advice on the tbaby diapers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What brands/styles are the best here in Berlin? 

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