Flying home alone with kids for holiday

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I am flying to South Africa in December with our two children. My husband is meeting us there a few days later. He will be in India when we leave. Do I need any sort of paperwork that he gives me permission to fly alone with the kids? I don't want to arrive at the airport with passports and then they don't allow me to take the kids without some formal written consent from him.


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You shouldn't need any paperwork - I fly regularly alone with my kids and I have never been asked for anything. However, I do remember once my hisband being asked for paerwork when he flew alone with them. Luckily he had a family record book on him that was issued inthe place where we got married (France) that proved that we were still married. Just in case - do you have anything like that sort of document, or proof that you are still married?

Otherwise you can ask your Embassy or Consulate for their advice?

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Thanks for your reply. I could take my marriage certificate with, but when we moved here the German visa office said they don't accept that version of my certificate and that after 18 years of marriage and having lived in 3 countries during that time. I have since requested a new marriage certificate, but it is waiting for me in Cape Town. Maybe I should give our embassy a call just to make sure. Would not have been so worried if my husband was in the country and taking us to the airport, but now he will be far away.

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I fly with my kids alone back to the States as my husband is often working during the school vacation periods and I have never needed any extra documents. I don't know if South Africa has different rules, but I can't imagine it.

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It is Germany I am worried about. SA will obviously let us in on SA passports, but the Germans have so many rules and I know many countries are more strict now to keep kids from being taken out of their country by a mother or father who don't have custody. We are married, but how do the authorities know that. My marriage certificate is 18 years old.

Took us an hour get through passport control to return to the UK where we have residency permits when we came to house hunt here.

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Hi Zippy,

This page might give you some useful info: and this is a page where you can put your query direct to the consul for (hopefully) a definitive answer: Good luck and hope you have a safe trip!

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If you can't get an answer from the South African embassy here in Germany - why not try contacting the airline you are flying with, or even the airport? They may be able to tell you if when checking in other documents are required.

Although as I said earlier, I have never had any trouble myself travelling alone, and we have travelled to Mexico, Mauritius, Caribbean without anyone asking us why the father wasn't there.

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