Host Family for Eng/French Bac student.

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Hello It may seem a little strange me posting on this forum as we live in France but our past experiences from using this particular forum for our region in France have been good so I am hoping that this may also be true of this forum :) Our 17 year old son is now into his final year of study at Lycée in France and hopes to pass his Bac ( final examination required for University) with a view to going back to England next year to do a degree. German forms a large part of his final examination and he has said he feels that this is his weakest area and would like to try to improve his competency in the German language.We have lived in France since he was 10 years old so he has gone through the french education system and has passed his college exam and is now focused on getting through his final year. We wondered if their was a family with a bilingual english/german speaking child probably around a similar age that would be interested in doing an exchange holiday for for the purpose of improving their language skills. Our son is bilingual english/french speaking ( no english accent at all...)so we thought it may be of equal benefit to a student that has chosen french as a second or third language option ? and would like to gain some extra french language experience. The english speaking element would be beneficial when further explanation may be needed by either student on the whys or wherefores etc... of the language. If their is another family with a like minded son (or daughter) please contact us and we can take it from there. thank you


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