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Hi there, I'm a new dad and would like to spend time with my little sprog - anyone know if I qualify for Elternzeit over here? I have worked here for 8 months, am a UK citizen. Is there a minimum time you have to work in Germany for before you qualify - I did work in the UK and can prove I paid my taxes and contributions etc. - don't know if theres an EU agreement between countries regarding this? The company I work for is quite small (less than 20 employees - does my employer have to let me have time off or can he object because of this? When do you have to apply for parental leave and how do I know how long I am entitled to ? Any advice mucho appreciated!


Louise H 1254822730

Have a look here for more information and also here,did=118338.html - this is the page from the Federal Ministry for Families etc. It's in German. Drop me an e-mail if you need any help with it.

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