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Anybody in a playgroup in Mitte? Would love to join one as I have a 2 year old tot. Hope to hear from moms soon.

started by: Helena08 · last update: 1396537525 · posted: 1396282079

Do you know of any Easter events for kids as early as now? Easter egg hunt or egg decorating perhaps? I'd love to take my kids out on that week.

started by: Summer2013-924275 · last update: 1395653220 · posted: 1395653220

My daughter is keen on having a Frozen themed party for her 5th birthday on May. Can anyone suggest places where I can get Frozen merchandises as of her party favors?

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1394367725 · posted: 1394206239

I have a friend who's 3 years old son has speech delay. I'm helping her find a treatment/program for him immediately. Preferably one that speakes English only. Thank you!

started by: FlowersofMay · last update: 1394103838 · posted: 1394014062

Hi all, any recommendations for kiddie activities this weekend? I've got 4 toddlers to babysit this weekend (including my 2yr old) and is looking for somewhere to go other than the house. Appreciate any help.

started by: Samantha2004 · last update: 1393496937 · posted: 1393145504

To those who have kids, where did you celebrate your kid's birthday parties here in Berlin? Also ideas on good themes for a 5 yeard old's party. Thanks and I appreciate any feedback.

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1393239860 · posted: 1393239860

has anyone undergone marriage counselling here in Berlin? i'd like to ask for recommendations on English speaking counselors please

started by: gummybear-924269 · last update: 1391856350 · posted: 1391685433

How does one go about in getting a Kinderreisepass? 

started by: niini · last update: 1391199018 · posted: 1391199018

I wonder if anyone here could offer any advice regarding choosing a Berlin nursery for our children aged 4½ and 2? I have been looking at PHORMS Mitte, British School and Europakindergarten, but as we are coming for a look-see only in March, I would be really grateful for first-hand experiences of these (or other English or English/German institutions!  For us the most important aspects concerning our kids' nursery are the following: - Experience in supporting multilingual kids (ours will have 3 or 4 languages depending if we add German or not) - Possibility to continue in the same school for 4 years, so that both children can attend the same school during our stay in Germany and won't have to change - Treatment of children as children and not as learning machines (The British School Reception class seems quite structured and "ambitious"? We are not used to the British system and ideally would prefer to see young children learn through play instead of formal lessons.) - Regular outdoor play for both and nap-time for our 2-year-old. I have already sent inguiries to the schools themselves, but more than their official info would love to hear forum user's experiences and opinions! Thanks so much in advance!!

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1390829057 · posted: 1390569466

Hello. I have a friend who has a 3 months old daughter and would like to meet other English speaking parents in Berlin, Steglizt area. Anybody know of any playgroup where babies can play and mothers can have a chat? Thanks.

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1389598552 · posted: 1385462865

I am seeking an osteopath that can work on babies. Recommendations would be very much appreciated.

started by: KishaA · last update: 1388492823 · posted: 1388389290

Can anybody recomend events that are on for children on New Years Eve? 

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1387787095 · posted: 1387787095

Anyone know the best place to hire a clown for a children's birthday party or can recomend one that is good? 

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Anyboday have an idea where we can take the kids for a picture taking session with Santa here in Berlin?

started by: Samantha2004 · last update: 1386147765 · posted: 1385651993

Any recommendations? My niece will be here during the holidays and would like to continue while they're here. Preferably knows how to communicate well in English.

started by: Twinkletoes-895387 · last update: 1385463281 · posted: 1382541012

My daughter is now thinking of being an gymnast. Is there a gymnastics club near P'Berg that accepts 4year old girls? Thanks.

started by: DarthVader-924251 · last update: 1384783985 · posted: 1384783985

We have recently moved to Berlin and I am looking for an English speaking violin teacher for my 7 year old daughter. Preferably someone living near Friedenau who can come to our house on weekends. My daughter has been learning for about 5 months previously in Australia. Thanks.

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1384682778 · posted: 1384507445

Does anyone know of an English children's choir or singing group where my 7 year old niece can join? 

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Anyone here knows of a parenting seminar for teenagers? I am really having a hard time with my son. He decided last year to be with his father but during the summer he decided to be with me here in Berlin. But he seems so distant I don't really know how to reach out to him.  I'd appreciate all help.

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When is the best time to take birthing classes to prepare for labor? Also any recomendation for one in English would help too! Thanks

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