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Does anyone know of an English children's choir or singing group where my 7 year old niece can join? 

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1384157490 · posted: 1383827064

Anyone here knows of a parenting seminar for teenagers? I am really having a hard time with my son. He decided last year to be with his father but during the summer he decided to be with me here in Berlin. But he seems so distant I don't really know how to reach out to him.  I'd appreciate all help.

started by: Blue Cookie · last update: 1383728351 · posted: 1383575075

When is the best time to take birthing classes to prepare for labor? Also any recomendation for one in English would help too! Thanks

started by: FlowersofMay · last update: 1383654623 · posted: 1383479320

Where in Berlin can I rent slides, swings, see saw, etc? Needed for  a children's party next month.

started by: Dave Harris-924265 · last update: 1383144621 · posted: 1383050551

hi moms and dads. where do you take your kids for a haircut? my 2yr old badly needs a haircut but makes a scene on every parlor/shop we take him. any suggestions for a kiddie salon/kid-friendly salon?

started by: Samantha2004 · last update: 1382116436 · posted: 1382016039

My husband and I are going through a rough patch and we would like to seek therapy. I'd appreciate any recommendations for English speaking therapists.

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Happy German Unity Day! Anyone knows of any event catered for children today?

started by: Al Bert · last update: 1380189358 · posted: 1379507257

Hi. I am looking for a swimming class in English for my nephew and niece (7 and 3 year olds respectively). Both are able swimmers already and their parents wants them to continue as they had just recently moved here. Or alternatively, an English speaking swimming instructor/coach who's interested in an individual or group lesson.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone. My son wants to play competitive baseball and I would like to ask for any suggestions on clubs he can join in. He's about 9 years of age.

started by: FlowersofMay · last update: 1379711771 · posted: 1372334615

A friend is on the lookout for English / German bilingual schools for her son. She already heard about the Berlin Kids International School but is looking for other options. Any recommendations?

started by: Dan0402 · last update: 1379429960 · posted: 1378739794

We'll be having some friends over with their kids for over a week and I'd like some suggestions on how to keep the kids entertained. Can be either within the city or a bit farther as we have our own transport.

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Our family is moving to Berlin in October (we have known since July about the move) and I'm desperatly trying to place our 2.5 y.o in a bilingual kita. Does anybody has experience with Kids in Berlin kib gUG ? Or any advise how to get a place at a KIta? I keep hearing to apply for next year. Thanks!  

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We are the parents of a bi-lingual daughter (American-German) who is going to the first grade at the new Carl von Ossiezky Grundschule on Blücherstraße in Kreuzberg. So far we are very happy with the school. It is very small and the Schuldirektorin, teachers and Erzieher are all very nice and motivated. The school also offers English 3 times a week and has a good chance of becoming a true English-German Europaschule if enough parents become involved. Because of this, we are actively seeking bi-lingual families who would be interested in joining the school, especially those who have a child entering school in 2014.If you are interested, please either contact me personally or like the following FB page for more info as well as an invite to meet-ups, etc. Here is the link:https://www.facebook...625969504092056

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Help! I need a piñata for a birthday party. Have looked but can't seem to find one. A birthday is not complete without one! Thanks in advance for the help.

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My child had suddenly developed rashes on her hands and soles of her feet. At times it is itchy but most it doesn't bother her at all. Any recommendations?

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We would like to give our child violin lessons and is now looking for an English teacher or an Englisg class for him. Any recommendations?

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I've received an invitation to a baby shower this coming weekend and I was thinking of buying the soon-mom-to be one of those baby sleeping bags/sacs. Can anyone point me where I can get one of those here in Berlin?

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School will be over soon and I would like to enroll my daughter in a ballet school. Her German is still a little rusty so English speaking is preferred. Would appreciate any recommendations.

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I just want to share a very sad story. A dear friend of mine (residing in the UK) recently lost her firstborn son of 4 months to SIDS. The whole family was really devastated. They've sought help from support group in UK, The Lullaby Trust. I was deeply affected for she had been my friend since childhood and we often exchange conversations on how we'd get together once my 2nd baby is born. And now I am beginning to be afraid; after all, SIDS strikes without any warning.  Are there like similar support groups here in Berlin?  

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I recently found out that I'll be having Baby Number Two! I'm about 3 weeks pregnant and my husband and 6 year old daughter is very much excited.  Since this would be technically my first pregnancy here in Berlin (we moved here with Baby Number One on the tow at 2 years old), I would like to ask other Moms out there on tips how to go about. Advise on doctors, needed checkups, what to expect, etc... anything will be highly appreciated.

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