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what yoga clubs offers kiddie classes? 

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Hi everyone. I am currently making preparations for my daughter's 7th birthday. She loves dressing up and so I was thinking of going with a Princess themes party. Can anyone suggest of an ideal place for this kind of party? Thank you.

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I am in search of a magician to perform on my daughter's birthday. Recommendations will be highly appreciated.

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My son had been complaining about ear ache since yesterday. Can anyone recommend a good ENT for kids in the Friedrichshain? Doesn't matter what hospital. Thanks.

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we will be staying at home during easter. can anyone suggest the best way to keep the kids entertained?  

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Are there any Easter egg hunts in Berlin or elsewhere?

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Heard about the heavy subject matter this movie deals with (death and extinction) but my kids wants to watch it. Has anyone seen the movie? Should I let them see it?

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Looking fo a kiddie cooking class near Prenzlauer Berg. Any ideas? For kids aged 5 and 7.

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Are there any clubs in or near Prenzlauer Berg that provides horse or pony riding lessons for kids? A niece will be coming over for a visit and I had kind of promised her some pony riding lessons during her stay. Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone recommend a good costume store? My daughter is invited to a costume party next month. Just want to explore my options before buying online.

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Can anyone tell me if there is a shop in Berlin selling party paper bags, such as this? This is in line with my daughter's princess themed party. Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone suggest a bank that taylors or  esepcially designed for children?

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My wife and I are in need of a marriage counselor. We would appreciate recommendations from individuals with personal experiences. 

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The Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule (near U-7 Südstern) is opening a new Grundschule next year that will have an emphasis on German/English.  Information about the school:   -                     Starting with only two parellel classes (1. Klasse) -                     No Einzugsbereich, so anyone can apply -                     Gebundene Ganztagsschule/Gemeinschaftsschule -                     Open, friendly staff   During the first year the children will have some English activities on offer (native speaking Erzieher, etc.) but if enough parents show interest the Schulleiterin will push to have the school become an official German/English Europa Schule like Charles Dickens in Charlottenburg and Quentin Blake in Zehlendorf (no guarantee when or if this would happen, but there is a chance.)  I am an American married to a German and we are sending our daughter there.  We would love to have other children who either are growing up bi-lingually (German-English) or whose parents are interested in bi-lingual education.  If you are interested, please contact the school as soon as possible.   Schulleiterin:  Anett Burow, e-mail:  schulleitung@cvo-berlin.de, Tel. 030 2250 2771 15   PLEASE NOTE:  IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!  As it has been hard to get the word out, there are still many places left.  If you are interested in enrolling or receiving further information you can contact Frau Burow or respond to this post but please hurry.  The school will start small and has the potential to become something really great, but if there aren’t enough students signed up it may be shut down before it’s had a chance to begin.   

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Any updated recommendations for indoor / outdoor playground / amusement parks for babies/toddlers: would appreciate feedback.

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Do any of the schools offer extra tuition in german for kids moving here from abroad? We are considering moving the rest of the family here(currently I work here and go home at weekends) but have concerns about how the kids would settle in.

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10am Mon. 25.Oct.2010 @ JFK Friendship Centre, Von-Luck-Str. 24, 14129, BerlinHi There! Kids Studio Berlin is offering a FREE Kindermusik preview class for October at our Zehlendorf location with Kindermusik educator Eleni! There will be two classes running on Monday morning, please choose the class suitable for your child then come along and discover a wonderful way to share the joy of music (making) with your little ones. Between 10am and 10.45 am we will be demonstrating the "Village" class which is suitable for newborn babies up to 18 months. In a Kindermusik Village class, we take those special bonding moments between you and your baby and add in a unique blend of musical learning activities that stimulate and engage all of the senses. Your educator will teach you how to encourage your baby’s learning through vocal play, object exploration, instruments, and creative movement. For all the information about this class you can look here! Between 11.15am to 12pm we will be demonstrating the "Our Time" class which is suitable for children from 1 and half years up to 3 years of age. Kindermusik Our Time encourages your child to be creative, to initiate their own ideas and to respond in their own ways, while your active participation gives them the security they needs. As you play instruments, sing, move, and explore, you’ll uncover an engaging musical world while building your child’s confidence, self-control and communications skills. For all the information about this class you can look here! Our Kindermusik classes already bring so much fun into the lives of young children and their care-givers in Berlin but there's always space to accommodate some new faces, so whether you're a local Berliner, and you'd like your children to develop their English skills with the help of music, or you're an English-speaking family living in Berlin, we'd be happy to have you! Come join us and bring a friend. Due to limited space we ask you to reserve your spot by Friday 22nd October by either emailing us at info@kids-studio-berlin.de or post here. If you're on facebook you can click here and RSVP us through our events. There's lots more information about Kindermusik on our blog and our website. You can direct any queries to us at our e-mail address or just pop a comment on this event page! We look forward to meeting you soon The Kids Studio Team

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When we lived in the UK we had an annual pass for English Heritage and I know the National Trust does a similar thing. It meant we could take a picnic and go off and visit lots of different places at the weekend from castles and stately homes to Roman towns etc. etc. It was great value for money and I wondered if the Germans offer a similar schem. I haven't come across anything so far but would be interested ...

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Looking for a place to bring my little babe for some socialising - they all seem to be moms and tots ... any dads go to these or are there any guys meet-ups?

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Hi everyone! I am looking for weekend/short break ideas outside of Berlin with my husband and 3 children (all my kids are under 5). They are not too bad on car journeys, but I don't want to go further than a 2-3 hour journey for my own sanity! We just thought it would be nice to do something while it's still "summer" and before we get restricted to school holidays. I'd appreciate any suggestions - also hotels or other accommodation. Thanks Bridget

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