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Hello It may seem a little strange me posting on this forum as we live in France but our past experiences from using this particular forum for our region in France have been good so I am hoping that this may also be true of this forum :) Our 17 year old son is now into his final year of study at Lycée in France and hopes to pass his Bac ( final examination required for University) with a view to going back to England next year to do a degree. German forms a large part of his final examination and he has said he feels that this is his weakest area and would like to try to improve his competency in the German language.We have lived in France since he was 10 years old so he has gone through the french education system and has passed his college exam and is now focused on getting through his final year. We wondered if their was a family with a bilingual english/german speaking child probably around a similar age that would be interested in doing an exchange holiday for for the purpose of improving their language skills. Our son is bilingual english/french speaking ( no english accent at all...)so we thought it may be of equal benefit to a student that has chosen french as a second or third language option ? and would like to gain some extra french language experience. The english speaking element would be beneficial when further explanation may be needed by either student on the whys or wherefores etc... of the language. If their is another family with a like minded son (or daughter) please contact us and we can take it from there. thank you

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When we lived in the UK we had an annual pass for English Heritage and I know the National Trust does a similar thing. It meant we could take a picnic and go off and visit lots of different places at the weekend from castles and stately homes to Roman towns etc. etc. It was great value for money and I wondered if the Germans offer a similar schem. I haven't come across anything so far but would be interested ...

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Looking for a place to bring my little babe for some socialising - they all seem to be moms and tots ... any dads go to these or are there any guys meet-ups?

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Hi everyone! I am looking for weekend/short break ideas outside of Berlin with my husband and 3 children (all my kids are under 5). They are not too bad on car journeys, but I don't want to go further than a 2-3 hour journey for my own sanity! We just thought it would be nice to do something while it's still "summer" and before we get restricted to school holidays. I'd appreciate any suggestions - also hotels or other accommodation. Thanks Bridget

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Are there any summer camps for kids in / around Berlin?

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Can anyone recommend a Kita for my toddler - she will be 2 in July so I am looking to start her in September if possible? I have heard there are some forest kitas in Berlin but don't know where. Would love more info on this type of schooling. Thanks Becky

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The kids have said they want to do some art lessons next year. Anyone know of a class they could attend(Saturdays would be perfect).

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Anyone know where I can find some nice girly but practical boots for my daughter? We went to the UK a couple of months ago and they had loads with Felicity Wishes and other girly designs in nice leather boots, but I decided to wait as her feet are growing fast. Now I can only find clumpy, more unisex stuff here. Thanks Becky

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can anyone give me info on the German equivalent of British childrens clothes sizes please

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I really would like some advice on what to buy for to 7 year old boys and where to shop for these christmas presents look forward to hearing from you.

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Where is the best place to buy educational toys for kids?

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ENGLISHEnglish/German 'Kinderladen' in Schöneberg has places available for 2 to 5year old kids with bilingual background!Number of kids: 15Age: 2-5Languages: English/GermanOpening hours: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (at the moment)Staff: 1 German teacher (certified drama teacher), 2 English teachers ( USA, GB), 1 'Zivildienstleistender', 1 InternLocation: Koburger Straße 4, near S+U Bhf Innsbrucker Platz, S BhfSchöneberg, U Bhf Rathaus Schöneberg, Volkspark and playgrounds nearby Activities: mix of free play and projects, music class once a week, sportsevery two weeks, swimming, excursions, Kinderladen-trip once a year…Food: Our "Zivi" is cooking for us.Parent jobs: Since we are a parent initiative, we need parents who like tobe actively involved in the KinderladenIf you are interested please call 030/ / 781 21 90 or send an email tokids@humpty-dumpty-berlin.de DEUTSCHEnglisch-deutscher Kinderladen in SchönebergDer bilinguale Kinderladen "Humpty-dumpty e.V." in Schöneberg hat nochPlätze frei für Kinder zwischen 2 und 5 Jahren. Die Einrichtung verfügt überinsgesamt 15 Plätze und bietet eine Betreuung zwischen 8.30 und 16.30 Uhran. Das Team besteht aus drei Erzieherinnen aus drei Ländern: USA,Großbritannien und Deutschland, einem kochenden Zivildienstleistenden sowieeinem Praktikanten. Musik, Schwimmen, Exkursionen und ein jährlicherKinderladenausflug sind feste Programmpunkte. Da es sich um eineElterninitiative handelt, ist das Engagement von Vätern und Mütternerwünscht.Information und AnmeldungKinderladen Humpty-dumpty e.V.Koburger Straße 410825 BerlinTe.:030/ 781 21 90E-Mail: kids@humpty-dumpty-berlin.de

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I am flying to South Africa in December with our two children. My husband is meeting us there a few days later. He will be in India when we leave. Do I need any sort of paperwork that he gives me permission to fly alone with the kids? I don't want to arrive at the airport with passports and then they don't allow me to take the kids without some formal written consent from him.

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My daughter would like some teddy bear clothes from Santa - can anyone recommend shops which stock them? I don't know of any bear workshops in Berlin. I have looked on the web and there are several sites - has anyone used them and were they reliable?

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Is there anywhere we can hire a pushchair from for few days?

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What are the laws for teenagers who work? How many hours are they able to work?

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Can anyone recommend a dentists who i could take my son to- he is very nervous and i need someone who will put him at ease and not rush to get the treatment done.

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Hi there, I'm a new dad and would like to spend time with my little sprog - anyone know if I qualify for Elternzeit over here? I have worked here for 8 months, am a UK citizen. Is there a minimum time you have to work in Germany for before you qualify - I did work in the UK and can prove I paid my taxes and contributions etc. - don't know if theres an EU agreement between countries regarding this? The company I work for is quite small (less than 20 employees - does my employer have to let me have time off or can he object because of this? When do you have to apply for parental leave and how do I know how long I am entitled to ? Any advice mucho appreciated!

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Anyone know where we can get one of those long cloth things you carry babies around in (think they might be African)? Tried a Baby Bjorn but it's too soft, pulls my neck and doesn't seem very secure (nearly lost my poppet bending over to do the vacuming!)

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I've been invited to a science fiction party and need simple ideas for a costume for a female sci fi character - HELP! cheers, Bec

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