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What is the cheapest / best ticket to buy for a 7 day stay for a family - we have children age - do we have to pay for the child under 5? Please help! Thanks Sue

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We are coming to Berlin in October with 3 children age 4, 9 and 10 and I would like some suggestions for places we should visit. We would like to do some museums - any tips on exhibitions for children/places to avoid with children greatly appreciated. Also, we plan to visit the LegoLand and I notice there are sites which offer combination tickets to LegoLand, Sea Life and Mme Tussaud's. Having never visited MT in London, I would like to take the opportunity, but is the Sea Life Centre in Berlin any good? I have been to one in the UK and was very disappointed. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

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I have heard Berlin is relatively cheap for eating out and would welcome any recommendations for kid-friendly restaurants in or near to Tiergarten area - thanks. What average price should we expect to pay per person/child meal???

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Which soap powder brand is best over here for sensitive skin as the kids have started to get irritated and all I can think is its the soap powder.

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Our family are currently looking at private schools in Berlin for our kids (age 7 & 8) for the next 2 years. We will be returning to the UK and visited the Berlin British School yesterday with that in mind. We liked it, but then heard about the Berlin Brandenburg Int School in Kleinmachnow where we also saw some houses we like. I would appreciate some advice on both schools. The kids will be able to take the school bus to the Berlin British School from Kleinmachnow, but will the distance become a problem over time with them having to travel so far? Any experience??

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Forgot to mention this in my other posting - Is there anywhere we can hire a pushchair from for a couple of weeks? Thanks Charlotte

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Hi there, We are coming to Berlin with our six month old baby and I wanted to know a) what attitudes to breast feeding in public places are like and b) are there lots of places to change his nappy - I know the UK has lots of these facilities but don't know how other countries compare. Thanks for any tips! Charlotte

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Hi there! We are coming to Berlin for a short break at the end of July and will need a babysitting service for our two children (8and 10). Can anyone recommend a nice family hotel which offers such a service or is there a professional, trustworthy babysitting service which will come to our hotel?

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anything going on for very small tots - I would like to take my little girl along to an Easter bunny/egg hunt or similar this Easter but can't find one. Suggestions please - cheers Becky

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Hi - does anyone know if there's something called "Tumble Tots" in Berlin? Or Kindermusik? My friend in the UK takes her daughter along to a weekly music session for babies and toddlers in their local community hall. My baby is seven months and I would like to take her to a group/class for movement/music etc. Suggestions please.

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Anyone know where I can get one a bit cheaper or second hand?

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Looking for Power Rangers or American Idol favors, paper plates, napkins etc. etc. Is there a good store anywhere in Berlin or a good online site. I need them for end February so I have time.

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Hi everyone - I had my baby ( a gorgeous girl on the 21st July) - I am slowly getting a bit more sleep and coming back into the land of the living! I would love to meet up with other new mums. Are there groups for mums with tiny babies - not just toddler groups?? It would just be nice to have a coffee and a chat and to know I'm not alone with a baby in a big city..

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I'm running out of ideas of ways to keep my kids entertained during the summer break and would love to know if there are any clubs or workshops or just basically ideas for more fun things to do with them.

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Is there anywhere which sells second hand prams and buggies, ideally in central Berlin but will travel to the 'burbs if there's a great shop somewhere out there. I'd like to buy a more expensive make second hand rather than a cheap new one which is about all I could afford. Having asked around, I would prefer Teutonia or Pegperego, something sturdy to go over the uneven pavements and cobblestones near where I live!! Aaargh!

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Dear All, I am contacting you from ITV in London where we are currently undertaking a project about British Ex-pats in Germany who are in a dilemma about whether or not to return to the UK. We are looking for people who have set up a new life abroad but have failed to shake off that lingering attachment to Britain. So, how can you give up a sunny climate and great lifestyle for an image of Britain that may no longer exist? How can you be sure Britain can offer you anywhere near the lifestyle you have abroad? We offer people the chance to come back to the UK for one week to test drive its pros and cons. We analyse the positive aspects about a return to Britain whilst also highlighting the reason why you left in the first place. The issues tackled whilst back home are completed predicated upon the issues people want to resolve. For many it is looking round the types of properties they can afford back home whilst for others it’s addressing work opportunities, schooling concerns or just seeing how they would go about re-integrating themselves back into British society. Whatever your issues our goal is to ensure that by the end of the week our participants have all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to come home or remain an expat. If this sounds like you then please get in touch with me via email on michael.hanney@fevermedia.co.uk or 0044207 4285752 Best Wishes Michael

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Can anyone recommend an entertainer for a child's birthday party or a party package e.g. themed party with entertainer or a venue which hosts children's parties? It's for my 8 (soon to be 9) year old!

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My 3 kids are growing out of their bikes fast - anyone got a second hand bike to suit 10 year old girl they don't want? Also looking for scooters too ...

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After a pretty tough time for her, I've finally persuaded my best friend (and new mum) to come to Berlin for a holiday at the end of June/beginning of July. Yippee, can't wait - Baby will be 8 months old and I will need to hire some stuff for their visit. She is bringing a baby seat with her but if possible I'd like to find somewhere which will hire me a pushchair/stroller, cot, highchair and any other baby equipment which will minimise her luggage. Do such places exist? Where ??? As a non-mother, I really haven't a clue so any tips, offers etc. gratefully received!

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Does anyone know where I can buy them in Berlin and what size do they start at?

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