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My sister is arriving with 2 teenagers and her 4 year old, we're looking for somewhere to keep everyone smiling, even the Mum's!

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My parents are in their fifties and are coming to Berlin for a long weekend at the end of August. I'd like to make their visit really special. Does anyone have any recommendations where I could take them?

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Is there a school in Berlin that follows the UK curriculum?

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Hi everyone, We are being moved to Berlin and arrive late July (very excited) but my husband will be very focussed on getting to grips with his new team and I'll be rushing around sorting out the house and bank and I'm not sure what. Either way, I think the kids are going to find it quite tedious following mum around on dull chores and I'd rather they used the time getting used to being with other kids their age if possible. So, can anyone point me to where I can find out about things for them to do - they are 9 and 12, girls, both quite outgoing and I don't think language will be a big problem as they are doing really well in the "crash course" they're attending. Should I contact the school, or libraries, or are their kids clubs and camps or what? I'm not fussy whether it's sporty or arty or whatever, just something to get them startd and out there would be great. What a long story, sorry. Any suggestions?

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