Cheap Health Insurance Freelance English Teacher

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Hi, I'm currently working just two hours a week teaching English with a language school. I know that I am required to register as freelance. But the whole thing is very complicated and my German is fairly basic at the moment. Can anyone tell me what steps I need to take? I know I need to get health insurance. Can anyone tell me a cheap company? I mean the cheapest out there. I'm only working 2 hours a week so I can't afford to pay much. I'm looking for more work obviously but so far no luck. I am a dual Canadian/British citizen but I've only spent 2 years in the EU in Spain. And I wasn't registered for health insurance then so I don't think I'm eligible for public healthcare. Anyways any help would be really appreciated as I really have no idea where to start or look and have no excess money... Also, if anyone could point me in the right direction as to other paperwork I'll need to register as self-employed. Thanks


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