EE24 property portal - opinions?

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HiI am investigating the possibility of buying a property inBerlin, with a budget up to €70,000. Having performed a few internet searches,I came across a property portal called EE24 which, upon first impressions,appears to have details of a sizeable number of properties which fall within mybudget.Upon closer inspection, however, those properties whichfulfil my criteria appear to be being marketed by agencies who seem to beacting primarily for Russian investors; the name Stimul Consulting is prevalent,and upon visiting their website, the link to the English language version isnot functional.I am guessing that this should be sufficient warning initself. However, I would be interested in hearing the views of others as towhether EE24 should be considered as a suitable resource for property searchesof the kind I am undertaking; and also if there are others who are able toshare their experiences of using EE24, or of using any of the agencies such asStimul, who advertise their properties on this portal.Finally, I would be grateful for any recommendations for anywebsites/portals which would be particularly useful for the type of propertywhich I am looking for.Many thanks in anticipation of your help.


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