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The guy in the apartment above us went out leaving his washing machine on - water came through my living room ceiling directly above my bookcase. Luckily I was at home and managed to move the bookcase without too much water getting on to it. However there is a big water mark on the ceiling and it looks pretty dodgy - don't know if it will collapse eventually. I contacted our landlord who told me it's up to me to contac the neighbour and get him to claim on his insurance. I have tried to get the guy to come and see the damage - not sure if he understands my basic german - and he basically couldn't care less. He's not the type of person I'd like to keep pestering - is there anything else I can do?


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You need to contact your local tennants' association - Mieterverein ( They will be able to help you. Is there any way you could contact your landlord again and ask him/her to come and see the damage and then talk to the neighbour?

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I would certainly badger the landlord again - surely it's in his interest to repair the ceiling!

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