refund policy in German shops

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Can anyone tell me the refund policy here for exchanging unwanted items? I was given some wine glasses with a black line around the bottom and I would prefer to exchange them for a simpler design. I don't have a receipt but I believe they were bought at Karstadt.


earthsent 1261993247

I believe that European Law is(or used to be it may have changed since I studied this!) says that a shop only has to change an item if it is not suitable for its purpose ie. doesn't work/broken. Individual shops can choose to allow people to refund or exchange but are unlikely to do it without a reciept. They may have a policy where they give you a credit note to exchange if you are lucky, so worth asking.

CharlotteP 1261994485

Thanks - I will give it a try!

winner-336342 1262163761

If you can't exchange the glasses you could try selling them on here!

CharlotteP 1262175637

Great idea - why didn't I think of that?

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