Taxe d'Habitation problem

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Hi - I used to live in France with my ex partner, when I had to leave in 2006 as he was abusive.  From 2008 until now, the house has been uninhabited, 2008 all the fittings were removed, the electricity panel damaged and the well pump blocked, so it was not possible to live there.  Now he is buying me out and I find I have to pay part of the Taxe d'Habitation from the money he is paying me for my share - much reduced, as we have been fighting through the courts since 2008.  I was in France in 2008, and informed my local tax office that I had moved out for always, and I have not been charged this tax, but he has, so it seems as co-owner I have to pay half of his arrears.  I applied to our local mairie for an attestation that the house had been uninhabitable for all those years, he signed one saying inhabited but now will not sign another saying that the house was uninhabitable, saying something about he cannot, as it is something to do with public health.   Can anyone shed any light on this?


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