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Hello people,I need your advice and help. My wife got a job in Luxembourg and we will be living in Trier, Germany. Can she apply for a German Blue care or European blue card if she is working in Lux and living in Germany? All answers and bits of advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.Best Regards,Dhrumil.

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HiCould anyone recommend a Berlin-based interpreter, and giveme an indication of the rates he/she is likely to charge? I am consideringbuying a property in the city, and to this end I will need to employ theservices of a locally based interpreter. Many thanks in anticipation of your help. 

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HiI’m a UK citizen currently resident in Cyprus who’s thinkingabout investing in property in Berlin with a budget of up to €80k. My plan isto try and find an apartment with vacant possession, call in local tradesmen topaint and decorate the place to bring it up to an acceptable standard, and thenlet it out for a 10 year period.My motivation for doing so is that most long-term forecastsfor the city’s property prices continue to be overwhelmingly positive, whatwith the forecast population growth, seemingly good prospects for the region’seconomy, and the (long overdue) completion of the Schoenefeld airport. At worst(the property being destroyed apart), I do not think that - in terms of capitalgain/loss at least  I stand to lose agreat deal financially.2 questions: How easy is it to find local English-speaking tradesmen? Are there any websites or any other sources I could utilise to find them? Bearing in mind I’m resident outside of Germany and don’t speak the language, how realistic is my plan? I’ve done a fair bit of research on the practicalities ofbuying and letting out a property in Germany, and consequently am aware of manyof the potential pitfalls (not least due to the issues in 2 above). Despitethis, I’d like to think that the long-term prospects for capital gain are worthall of the likely aggravation and inconvenience.On the other hand, I wonder if I am deluding myself as towhether the upside is really so much greater than the downside. Is there muchmore scope for capital appreciation in the kind of property I’m looking to buy?Alternatively – would I just be better off scrapping the plan and investinstead in property in the UK (my options there would be far more restrictedowing to the fact that UK property is generally more expensive), or indeedinvest my money in conventional vehicles such as stocks and funds?Any info/advice/thoughts would be welcome. Please feel freeto be as frank and brutal as you wish.Many thanks in anticipation.

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HiI am considering buying a property in Berlin to let out forthe long term (at least 10 years), with a view to hopefully making a profitfrom price appreciation.  The maximumamount I could spend would be €70,000.Given the above, it is likely that most of the properties inmy price range are likely to be one bedroom apartments. Presumably theseproperties would be suitable for single people or young couples looking forshort-term accommodation.With these considerations in mind, does anyone have anyrecommendations regarding letting agents in the area who specialise in thisarea of the market? Is it normal for agents in Germany to offer the fullproperty management service similar to that offered by those in the UK ?Finally, are there any other points which I should bear inmind when looking for a suitable letting agent?Very many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

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HiI am investigating the possibility of buying a property inBerlin, with a budget up to €70,000. Having performed a few internet searches,I came across a property portal called EE24 which, upon first impressions,appears to have details of a sizeable number of properties which fall within mybudget.Upon closer inspection, however, those properties whichfulfil my criteria appear to be being marketed by agencies who seem to beacting primarily for Russian investors; the name Stimul Consulting is prevalent,and upon visiting their website, the link to the English language version isnot functional.I am guessing that this should be sufficient warning initself. However, I would be interested in hearing the views of others as towhether EE24 should be considered as a suitable resource for property searchesof the kind I am undertaking; and also if there are others who are able toshare their experiences of using EE24, or of using any of the agencies such asStimul, who advertise their properties on this portal.Finally, I would be grateful for any recommendations for anywebsites/portals which would be particularly useful for the type of propertywhich I am looking for.Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

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Hello,I publish my own ebooks and while resident in France I have my own set of ISBN.In France this establishes Tout droit reserve.  Does this in general imply copyrights in EU?  Is this recognized by treaty witih US for copyright protection there?  or Do I still have to register with US copyright?Viel Dank

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Hi - I used to live in France with my ex partner, when I had to leave in 2006 as he was abusive.  From 2008 until now, the house has been uninhabited, 2008 all the fittings were removed, the electricity panel damaged and the well pump blocked, so it was not possible to live there.  Now he is buying me out and I find I have to pay part of the Taxe d'Habitation from the money he is paying me for my share - much reduced, as we have been fighting through the courts since 2008.  I was in France in 2008, and informed my local tax office that I had moved out for always, and I have not been charged this tax, but he has, so it seems as co-owner I have to pay half of his arrears.  I applied to our local mairie for an attestation that the house had been uninhabitable for all those years, he signed one saying inhabited but now will not sign another saying that the house was uninhabitable, saying something about he cannot, as it is something to do with public health.   Can anyone shed any light on this?

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If we were to purchase an apartment to live in and it was to go up in value and then we were to sell it within a year, would we be liable for an associated Capital gains tax?

started by: Celticwarrior-10068511 · last update: 1455644378 · posted: 1455644378

Can anyone tell me how to go about registering to vote in the UK for the forthcoming EU referendum? Are there any eligibility rules to satisfy?

started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1455543752 · posted: 1455234531

Would it be better to exchange currency in Germany or in the destination county if I'm travelling to a country with US dollar as an 'unofficial' currency.

started by: HipsterFedora · last update: 1455134079 · posted: 1454426670

If moving the Berlin permanently from my home in Kent, do I still have to fulfill my student loan repayment obligations?

started by: Miriam-10044607 · last update: 1454426740 · posted: 1453237641

Does anyone have any experience of using Tor FX?

started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1452865305 · posted: 1452766264

Hi I am seriously considering investing in a property in a city in Europe where there is a year-round demand for visitor accommodation, and also where there appears to be scope for capital appreciation. I intend my maximum outlay to be no more than £60,000. My intention is to let the property out as short-term visitor accommodation, and the ultimate objective being long-term capital appreciation. I would put management of the property in the hands of a local management company who would be responsible for furnishing and maintaining the property; collecting payment; and handling reservations. After having done some initial investigations, I would be particularly interested in the possibility of buying such a property in Berlin, as there are fewer restrictions on foreigners owning property in Germany than in many other European countries; property still appears to be relatively inexpensive there; there is a year-round demand from visitors; and the local market would still appear to offer scope for capital growth. I do not anticipate any problems in financing the purchase as I have the necessary funds readily available. I am aware of the capital gains tax condition for the sale of any property in Germany within ten years of its purchase. What I would really appreciate is if anyone may be able to enlighten me regarding the potential advantages and disadvantages of my proposed course of action. Specifically, I would be interested in your thoughts as to whether there are other areas in Germany, or elsewhere in Europe, where property is still relatively inexpensive, where the scope for capital gains is thought to be favourable, and the procedure for buying property is not considered to be too cumbersome. In addition, I would be interested to hear people’s views as to the pros and cons of buying an overseas property with the intention of letting it out for short-term visitors, as opposed to letting it out to long-term tenants. Finally, I would be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding the following; (i) other sources of information relevant to my enquiry; (ii) any other forums devoted to overseas property investment; (iii) any UK agents specialising in overseas property, (iv) any overseas agents with offices in the UK (specifically in Liverpool, Manchester or central London). Very many thanks in anticipation of your assistance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

started by: pmuk_81 · last update: 1449178140 · posted: 1449073114

Hello, newbie to Berlin and the forums. I've encountered a bit of a circular problem that I hope someone may be able to help me with. I would like to open a German bank account, but obviously I need to have a local ID card. Unfortunately, it seems to get the ID card you need a rental agreement, but in order to be able to rent you need a German bank account. This effectively means I can do none of the above, no bank account, not register, nor rent.  I'm currenrtly staying in an airbnb until I can find something more permanent. Can anyone advise how to solve this problem? Thanks

started by: Percival-10044606 · last update: 1445341814 · posted: 1444901869

Where have you got savings at the moment? Are any German banks giving good rates of return?

started by: Nandi-636101 · last update: 1444731384 · posted: 1444136809

Hello. I would be grateful for some advice about the following situation. About 5 years ago, I bought a one-bedroom apartment (with tenant) in Berlin. I had no problem with him until this August when I discovered that he had vacated the apartment and sub-let it (without my permission) to a couple with a young child. I understand that he plans to sub-let the apartment until October next year when his daughter, who is going to university, will occupy the apartment. I am angry about this and want to cancel his contract. However, as far as evicting the sub-tenants is concerned, the situation is tricky because of the young child.  If I had to go to court to evict the sub-tenants I do not think that a judge will agree to an eviction where a young child is concerned. So, I am wondering if it would be possible to cancel the tenant's contract and at the same time renegotiate a new rental contract with the sub-tenants? Does anybody know is this would be permissible (and legal)?  

started by: Mooveestaar · last update: 1443478704 · posted: 1442830642

Could I get an 80% mortgage as British national moving to Germany with a provisional contract of employment? Would any financial institution lend that sort of money to me. Also, what is the rate of tax on buying property in Berlin? Thanks for your help.

started by: