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If a relative dies in the UK and leaves money to someone in Germany, where do I pay the tax? Thanks for the advice.

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I have a passport that is going to expire in November of this year. Do we need to go back to the UK to get it renewed? Can we do it through the Embassy? Thanks for the advice.

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If we own a property in Germany, what is the statuts of our UK will? Does the German will override a British one?

started by: Percy-10044605 · last update: 1438961263 · posted: 1438961263

Can anyone explain to me the Anmeldung residence process at the Burgeramt please? Is the waiting time really 2 months?

started by: Brandon-924261 · last update: 1438346925 · posted: 1383297887

I'm an American currently living in Berlin. Can anyone recommend an accountant here who really knows US tax law as well? 

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Hi all. This is my first post on the forum. I wonder if anyone could advise me of a good medical insurance company. One ideally that covers minor existing conditions (diabetes).

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Any recommendations for a good paralegal researcher in Berlin?

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1427816123 · posted: 1427481290

Any recommendation for an English speaking notary public?

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Hello, I am resident in France and have a Britsh passport but would prefer to deposit my retirement nest eggs in a German bank. Berliner Bank says no problem as long as I show up at a branch with the proper documentation. I have concerns about its parent company Deutsche Bank and would prefer L-Bank in Suttgart since it appears to have a better balance sheet and is listed among the safest banks in the world. I don't know if L-Bank will allow me to open a Savings Account. I don't speak Geran. Does anyone have info on the securty of deposits at Befliner Bank ( I'm aware of the EU directive on the 100,000€ deposit guaranty but am not convinced if there's a systemic banking failure) and also about opening a non-resident L-Bank account? The interest rates are terrible in Germany but Luxembourg, for example, charges very high banking fees. Thanks for any support anyone can give me. I' was forced into earlly retirement and one big mistake could finish me. Janice

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Needing to translate a legal document from Spanish to English. Can anyone recommend a certified translator?

started by: Brandon-924261 · last update: 1415273482 · posted: 1414666463

Does anyone know a good lawyer well versed in international business, taxation and hiring policies? One who could provide advise employment matters? 

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Hello, I am trying to find my mothers birth certificate as she was born in Berlin february 1945. I do not know exactly where and do not know which registry office she would have been registered at. Her parents were Latvian so were in a camp/barracks east of Berlin centre.  I have contacted german consulate in UK & Australia and no help from them. I have emailed Standesamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf & Standesamt I and again the reply is I need to supply the location of birth / registry. This is after explaining I dont know.  So would anyone have any advice on what to do next? Besides going to this company for $160US for them to search http://www.germany-service.com or this company https://standesamtauskunft.de/.  If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Robert

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Does anyone know of a good English speaking financial advisor in the Schoneberg area who might be able to help us out with a few paperworks? Thanks.

started by: Johnny Bravo-924257 · last update: 1394614631 · posted: 1394442924

I'm looking into setting up a company here in Berlin. Can anyone suggest a resonably priced lawyer to help me with this? Or any online resources perhaps?

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Hi there,   We are/were living and working in France until end of 2013 and since January my husband works in Berlin. He commutes back home on the weekend but he had to get registered in Berlin and obviously has to pay tax in Germany.  I'm still working in France.  They have put him in the Tax Class 1 and his employer now told him that this is wrong because he is married and he has to change it. I'm German so I understand the language (but haven't really lived there, so clueless!), and I could not find info on what tax class he would need to be in if married but with his wife working abroad. Does anybody have any idea what might apply in this case?  We have a house here in France so he is basically living in both countries. Thanks for any advise. Tina  

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I am  looking for an experienced  and competent  immigration lawyer to help with some immigration issues, English speaking preferred. Thanks.

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Needing to get some documents signed. Does anyone know a notary public in Berlin?Thanks!

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Prior to living here in Berlin, my passion had already revolved around baking. I'd bake cakes and pastries and sell them from my house. I'm thinking of doing the same here in Berlin. Is this is legal here in Germany? What would be the things I'd need to do this? What are would be my options? I've tried googling but came up short on any answers. Would appreciate any advise.

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Hi, I'd be greatful if anyone can give me an online resource that has the law regarding noise here in Berlin.

started by: Stormgirl · last update: 1388222296 · posted: 1388059918

Part of my move here in Berlin is to buy a property and transform it into a B&B.Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any information regarding rules and regulations on starting one. Does anybody have any suggestions where to look, or who to contact?  Would be grateful for any information received.

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