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I would like to ask for some help. I applied for my Freelance tax number about 3 weeks ago and still not received anything. Do I need to make a follow up or wait for it? Also do I need to go to the Finanzamt where I applied or I can go to any? Thanks!

started by: SGA2002 · last update: 1381766898 · posted: 1381500578

Hi everyone. I am new in Berlin and I need help in finding a sworn translator -- one who's reasonably priced -- to translate some documents for legal reasons.

started by: MrAL · last update: 1378304659 · posted: 1378133249

I am in need of an English speaking accountant, any recommendations? I need help in filing my tax here in Germany.

started by: PigLuvva · last update: 1376317021 · posted: 1364334271

Does gay "marriage" (i.e. civil partnerships) exist in Germany? Has anyone been through a gay marriage process and if so, was it straight forward or was it riddled with problems? And how was life after - do people here accept it or not?

started by: rockstar-895434 · last update: 1376316805 · posted: 1375022544

Hi all. A colleague is planning of setting up a new business in Berlin. Where should he start and what would be the process to be followed? 

started by: SeanG · last update: 1374936723 · posted: 1374936723

A friend is looking for a lawyer who can draw a rental contract. The standard contract is too vague for the property. Thanks.

started by: sjinq8-876094 · last update: 1371551476 · posted: 1371551349

Can anyone recommend a decent property letting agent in Berlin? I have a flat in Wedding which I rent out and I am not happy at all with my current agent. I do not live in the area and so have to rely on them being professional and efficient.

started by: Twinkletoes-895387 · last update: 1369053261 · posted: 1369053261

A friend is in need of a divorce lawyer -- English speaking preferred. Can anyone recommend one to me please? 

started by: JKG · last update: 1368453057 · posted: 1368445886

I am looking for a lawyer who specializes in employment issues; need advice regarding a contract. English speaking preferred. I am based in Mitte but can get to most places.

started by: AuntSallie · last update: 1367799620 · posted: 1367799620

What is the law here where you go into a shop and the item you have taken from the shelf has a price marked on it but when you get to the counter the cashier tells you that the price shown was incorrect and you have to pay more? In the UK the shop has to sell the item for the price marked (even though you sometimes have to battle for it due to the ignorance of most shop assistants regarding the law plus the fact the computer cannot handle it...) - the legal term I think is "invitation to treat". Do similar laws exist in Germany? It is infuriating and embarrassing when it happens. Thanks Hel

started by: Al Bert · last update: 1364914609 · posted: 1364478059

I have been putting off opening a bank account for weeks now and it seems I have ran out of excuses. Can anyone suggest a good bank to join? The account would be basically used for deposits and usual everyday banking. Probably money transfers abroad in the future.   -Al Bert   

started by: aidan james hurren · last update: 1364402211 · posted: 1364217673

does anyone know of a good (and reasonably priced) lawyer or solicitor in Berlin (ideally south west) who could help me with making a German will?

started by: gypseyman · last update: 1350892145 · posted: 1339109999

Hi there,Could anybody please help with some advice on how to become an estate agent, dealing in property in Germany? After having lived in Reutlingen for many years, I'd like to explore something of a change of career and there aren't that many English-speaking agents in this part of the world... This may be little window of opportunity for me.Unfortunately, though, I have no idea where to start!Many thanks in advance for any responses.Roger.

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Hello! We are looking for a Cash manager and Bookkeepers for a great company located in Berlin. If you are suitible- please send your resume to    duet@duet-hr.com Thank you.

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In Germany I notice that used cars are usually advertised as being "VAT reclaimable" or "VAT not reclaimable". What is the difference? Why is VAT reclaimable on some vehicles but not on others? And under what circumstances is one allowed to reclaim VAT?I have not seen this with a used car in either the UK or France, so why is this the case in Germany?PCG

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Hello Myself and my partner invested in a Solar Panel plant in Germany in 2008, with the intention of it contributing to our pension when we retire. To cut a long story short, the investment is making good earnings however we have encountered a number of issues along the way, most of which have been resolved with the assistance and good work by our accountant in Germany. We have however been treated quite unfairly by our German Bank in one way or another and we are wondering if there is a Financial Regulating Body in Germany that we may be able to discuss our situation to. In Ireland, if there has been any wrong doings by any financial institution, one can approach the Financial Regulator to investigate these matters. We are also looking to acquire past information about a company from whom we purchased our Solar Plant from. They have since gone into liquidation and by doing so left us with a number of problems of which are only finally being resolved after a number of years and many 1000's of Euros. Here in Ireland we are able to find out information and history about a company should one need to. If you could be so kind as to direct us in the right direction, any assistance at this time would be most appreciated. Kindest RegardsMike and Michael

started by: marco g · last update: 1337587020 · posted: 1335894901

hi, i hope someone can help me with some info. i'm a dual citizen ( italian and U.S.) residing in Germany. i wanted to know if there is a German or foreign firm that can offer retirement/pension planning funds for non Germans living in Germany. Sounds complicated. i know that a U.S. firm will not permit to have funds without have a U.S. residence.any ideas?thanks

started by: emilie78-338643 · last update: 1334005825 · posted: 1334005825

Can anyone recommend a good insurer to deal with who speaks reasonable English?

started by: Nelson Dyer · last update: 1331194518 · posted: 1329160182

When I left Berlin at the end of November, my landlord said he needed a few days to refund my deposit and promised to deposit it directly into my bank account. (I know, a sucker is born every day, but we were on very friendly terms.) Needless to say, that did not happen, and now he doesn't communicate. As I say, we were on good terms and I was a good, responsible tenant. I managed to reach a relative, who got him to say that he was waiting for the electricity and water bills -- presumably to deduct, though he never said anything about that. Can someone help with information on German law as applies to rental deposits? I heard that the law allows landlords to hold onto the deposit for six months, for instance. Any information would be appreciated.

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Hi, I'm currently working just two hours a week teaching English with a language school. I know that I am required to register as freelance. But the whole thing is very complicated and my German is fairly basic at the moment. Can anyone tell me what steps I need to take? I know I need to get health insurance. Can anyone tell me a cheap company? I mean the cheapest out there. I'm only working 2 hours a week so I can't afford to pay much. I'm looking for more work obviously but so far no luck. I am a dual Canadian/British citizen but I've only spent 2 years in the EU in Spain. And I wasn't registered for health insurance then so I don't think I'm eligible for public healthcare. Anyways any help would be really appreciated as I really have no idea where to start or look and have no excess money... Also, if anyone could point me in the right direction as to other paperwork I'll need to register as self-employed. Thanks

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