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Hello. Last year we bought an apartment for the purpose of investment in Berlin. Although we earn very little profit from the rental income I am sure that the German government would be interested to know about it. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea about how to go about declaring our rental income; how to get hold of the necessary documentation; who to approach etc.. If anybody could point us in the right direction, we would be extremely grateful!

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Hi, I am planning to startup a small B&B in Bayern, I have been to several sites to read about the different legal entities but I am still not sure as a small startup B&B which way to go, I do plan to talk to a tax advisor next week, but could you give me your point of view which type you would setup as and why ? Thanks Dave

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Hi Everyone,please may I ask a few things?......... (1) Is there the equivilent of this excellent forum pertaining Hildesheim-Hannover please?. (2) Is there anyone on here from Hildesheim-Hannover?.... (3) With regard to German Inheritence Law > has anyone have experience with the AMTSGERICHT. They denying a first born daughter (my mother) rightfully claiming her 1/4 quater inheritence...etc....Is there any experts here on Geramn Inheritence Law?..... Thank you...... Nadia Von Feldmeier

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Hi Can anyone tell me which German banks make the lowest charges for withdrawals of euros from cashpoints, for holders of debit cards issued by foreign banks? Many thanks in anticipation.

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I've never been one for saving, more easy come, easy go but find as I get older I should be doing a bit more towards giving myself financial security in the future. Apart from a basic savings account I don't really have anything lined up and wondered if anyone can suggest a good way to invest for later.

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HiI'm looking to get broadband wifi access in my flat and need some advice on the best providers, from a price and service point of view. I've looked at the main companies and they all seem quite expensive and offer only a package for telephone and internet. I only really need the internet.Thanks, in advance, for any advice, John

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hi! i live in Berlin and am both a U.S. citizen as well as Italian. i have an IRS tax consultant and a German Tax consultant but need to know if there is a person or company that can advise me on how find better tax breaks. i work in the film industry, work sometimes in Berlin but usually outside Germany. Therefore my income is based on film projects filmed in various places in the world but unfortunately my residence is here in Germany and consequently need to pay German taxes even if my income was generated in other countries ( recently i worked 1 year in Budapest and in fall 2009 in Bali).any suggestions?thanksMarcomarcog2@mac.com

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Hello, I'm sure these questions are asked all the time but I need some advice on moving to Berlin from Shanghai. My partner is considering a job offer in Berlin, he would actually be working in the southern area of the city, near to Schonefeld Airport. We have two kids, 3 and 5 years and would be looking for bilingual school for them, they are currently both in Mandarin/English kindergarten here. The salary offered is 80000EUR/year and I'd like to get an idea if this is enough to rent a decent home, pay school fees, maybe lease a car and still be able to live comfortably? Also, I'm an Australian civil/environmental engineer and I'd like to return to work so I'm wondering what my job prospects would be like. Any opinions/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks,

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Hi everyone, I need a tax number real fast - not sure if I need to go to the Finanzamt or the offices where I got my Anmelde slip. Any advice appreciated - also need a tax advisor if anyone can recommend cheers

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Hello everyone !i have a quick question, does anyone know if there is a residency card that can be acquired on the basis of being financially stable...like for instance, at the moment im living in France and they offer a renewable residency card titled "visitor" that allows someone to live in the country as a resident as long as they have the financial means and they arent a burden to the country financially- this card can also be renewed each year for 5 years, and at the end of the 5 years the holder recieves an EC permanent residency card so basically, im asking is there something similiar to this in Germany that anyone knows of? some sort of card that can be gotten if the holder has enough means to support themselves..thanks SO much in advance for any information anyone has :)

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The guy in the apartment above us went out leaving his washing machine on - water came through my living room ceiling directly above my bookcase. Luckily I was at home and managed to move the bookcase without too much water getting on to it. However there is a big water mark on the ceiling and it looks pretty dodgy - don't know if it will collapse eventually. I contacted our landlord who told me it's up to me to contac the neighbour and get him to claim on his insurance. I have tried to get the guy to come and see the damage - not sure if he understands my basic german - and he basically couldn't care less. He's not the type of person I'd like to keep pestering - is there anything else I can do?

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I need to open a bank account here- what paperwork should I need to take along with me?

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Does anyone know how to find out what the IBAN International Bank Account Number for a UK bank is- I'm trying to get hold of my IBAN for the HSBC for my UK account, but I can't find it.Anyone able to help? Thanks

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I have been working freelance as a tour guide and "gofer" helping people who don't speak German etc. etc. I figure I must need to do some sort of tax return even though I've hardly earned megabucks. Do I need a tax advisor or should I just do it myself - have to confess I don't feel confident doing accounting stuff! Any advice please.

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I am looking for an investment property in Berlin and have already contacted a number of estate agents but haven't found the right place yet - ideally I want something fairly central as I hope to rent it out to visitors. I would also like to know if anyone can advise if there are restrictions on short term occupancy in residential buildings ?

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I want to set up a savings a/c to pay a portion of my monthly income into but having heard of the impending financial disaster in Greece I'm worried about the impact on other Euro countries, i.e. germany . Is it worth saving here or should I transfer money back to the UK? Does anyone have any experience with offshore savings accounts, do you have to have megabucks for these??

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Can anyone tell me the refund policy here for exchanging unwanted items? I was given some wine glasses with a black line around the bottom and I would prefer to exchange them for a simpler design. I don't have a receipt but I believe they were bought at Karstadt.

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Hi..i need help...i came here last year with my child to live with my german partner who works...i left the uk in 2004 and had recieved DLA due to rheumatoid arthritus so i had not paid enough stamp to transfer this benefit when i left to live in france..my then partner was working in france so the french paid me their disability..now i am here since nov08 and im still trying to apply for kindergeld..and was wondering doeas anyone know if i can claim some help to help my partner financially..i have not worked here or paid stamp i didnot leave enough paid stamp to claim from the uk...surley if i live with a german citizen who works we can claim some help or do we need to marry to be entilted which i do not want to do!any info ill be grateful for

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Hi there - I recently moved to Berlin and work from home. My problem is my downstairs neighbour who plays his electic guitar periodically throughout the day. I understand from another neighbour that his girlfriend has been admitted to some sort of mental clinic and the guy is under stress. However, this doesn't help me at all and I am getting stressed by not being able to work during the times he plays his guitar. Are there any laws about noise? Should I tell the landlord? Should I just accept it and try and find another place - problem is I assume I have to give 3 months notice??? Any advice please!!

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Can anyone tell me what the amount is that you start paying tax and what the percentage it is.

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