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Can anyone tell me what the amount is that you start paying tax and what the percentage it is.

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I moved into my new apartment yesterday and realised that I've not been given or signed an inventory. I've never had this happen before, when renting in UK, but is it different here? I'm concerned that this'll backfire on me if I don't check up on it....

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I have not got a will, should i make one in Berlin or the UK, i live here Half the year. Any Ideas

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We went out for meal last night to a Mexican restaurant as one of our group was celebrating a birthday. We had reserved a table but there was also a group of 30 who had also booked. Our evening was totally spoilt as everytime we asked the waiter for something we were constantly reminded that "we have a big group in here tonight". Consequently our meals arrived after a long wait - 50 minutes for the starter followed by another long wait for the main courses - one of them was wrong and had to be sent back with another long wait for one of our group. At the end of it we felt our evening was totally spoilt and decided not to leave a tip. However, wehn the bill came the waiter had underlined "service not included" and kept asking us for exact change as he was very busy and had none himself. We ended up rounding off our individual amounts so he ended up with a tip of around 10% which I feel we were almost bullied into giving him. Anyone else had a similar experience and any tips on how to deal with pushy waiters?

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I need some advice - I am thinking about starting my own business (tour guides and helping other expats with everyday business - "gofer") in Berlin. Does anyone have any useful tips or tales to tell from experiences of any dos and don'ts - thanks in advance!

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Hello--this seems like a naive question--but I've never had to address a letter internationally from the USA before and thus I'm not familiar with German letter addressing format. I am writing to the Amtsgericht Leipzig. In the letter received from the Amtsgericht, in the upper left-hand corner, it reads: Amtsgericht Leipzig * 04174 Leipzig Would the following be the proper addressing format? Is this all the information that I need? I assume that since this is a well-known court address, there's no need for any street info? Thanks for your help. Amtsgericht Leipzig 04174 Leipzig Germany

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Hello: I have recently been contacted by a German geneological firm, claiming that my late father has been named in a German estate matter. Somehow, they found me and my eMail address through my late father's name. This is odd, my father never learned to use a computer, I do not know how this firm made his connection to me. The only information I have on the German woman is her name. I do not know the woman at all. I have no information on her recent address, or date and place of death. I have no way of knowing how this firm got a copy of her Will, or where I would look for a Will. All tell me that in order to find the death certificate and Will, I must know the exact town where this woman died. However, this firm somehow found this woman's death certificate and Will and managed to trace my family line back from Germany to America. Is there no one place that provides a listing of local registrar offices in Germany? Does anyone have any idea how this firm was able to find such information, much less, amazingly find their way to me? This firm must have an effective way to learn about estate matters, that somehow, is eluding me. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thank you.

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Can anyone recommend a sworn translator working from German to English as I have some official documents to translate. Thanks in advance.

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I work for a German company and I have a bank account with a debit card. I have only been here six months but would like to get a German credit card. I am with the Sparkasse. Don't really know what they offer (my German is pretty basic) but would like to know what the options are here and if there are any companies which offer better rates than the banks or if there are any to avoid. CHeers for any help - much appreciated!

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Hello all, I've just registered and was looking for the following info: I have an Irish Registered company and have just got a 9 month contract in Germany. I need to register for VAT and construction industry tax. I was wondering if anybody has done this and how they went about it. Any links to websites would be useful as would any pitfalls that others may have experienced. KSN KSN

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I am living in Germany but still working as a freelance for the same English companies who are paying my wages into my English account. I am here for up to a year. Should I pay tax in the UK or Germany? And if in Germany what do I need to do? Advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I have some savings a British building societiy which I am now considering transferring to a German account following Angela Merkel's assurance that all German savings accounts will effectively be guaranteed. The building society my account is with is not one which has been mentioned in the press as having any sorts of difficulties but I just feel that they all seem to be in the same boat at the moment and it's just a matter of time. How do I go about transferring my money (approx. £2000) to a German account and can anyone recommend one with a decent (!?) rate of interest. I don't need an instant access account but I don't want my money totally inaccessible either.

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Hi there! I am a US citizen currently living in Carolina working for a multinational company who want me to move to Berlin for two years with a possible option to stay for longer. I visited Berlin briefly to see the office to and get an idea of the city. I feel sure I could cope with life in Germany no problem. My only worry is if I will have enough money to afford a comfortable lifestyle and I wonder if Berlin as capital city is relatively more expensive to live in than other parts of Germany (I could also go to Duesseldorf if I so choose). The net figure I would earn is around 40,000 euro/year. Will this be sufficient enough for me to enjoy a reasonable lifestyle. How much should I expect to pay for an apartment and transport. I figure I could use the metro system and wouldn't need to have my own vehicle. I am single if this helps with calculations!

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I have been a freelancer in Berlin for approx. 6 months. I have an EU health card but no German health insurance - is it obligatory? I am a pretty healthy bloke, very rarely go to the doc so I haven't bothered. Is there a time limit on the EU health card? Also, as I sometimes work in other people's apartments (tutoring) do I have to have liability insurance??? Final question - what percentage of my earnings will go on tax and how long will I get to pay it? Mega grateful for any advice received.

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We've been told we need to get this a.s.a.p. in case we have any (more) accidents which could have consequences for our neighbours - advice, likely cost, names of good insurers etc. all appreciated. Cheers.

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Do I have to include the negligible amounts of interest I am likely to receive from my savings on my tax returns? Does anyone know if there is a tax-free limit on basic savings?

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Any suggestions on where to open a basic savings account with a reasonable rate of interest and instant access? I'm with the SEB but wondered if there are building societies (haven't noticed them if there are??? ) or better places to start saving with??

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I am based in Berlin and have done translation work for a few companies. I've been offered some contracts outside of Germany and wondered how it will work with tax. I will obviously be doing the actual work in Berlin but e-mailing it to Poland. Do I need to do MWSt or not? I assume I add it to my total invoices for stuff I do here, but will I have to register for tax in Poland too or register to be exempt???

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I am a freelance translator and have just invoiced as an individual. Would it be worthwhile setting up as a company, especially as I am now getting contracts for work abroad? Would it be worth setting up as a GmbH - how much does this cost and how does the corporate tax rate compare to my current single individual tax status?

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Can anyone give me any advice or simply share their thoughts regarding taxation in Germany? I am tax-resident in Germany, but last year worked 8 months in Norway before starting work here in Germany. I have signed up with a Lohnsteuerhilfeverein office, which my employer recommended. Is this a good move i.e. are they just as effective is saving me money as an independent accountant? I would like to know whether, if I earn some income in the UK, and it is less than the personal allowance in the UK, whether Germany might still impose tax regardless, since the tax rate is so much higher here. If my previous Norwegian employer pays me a 13th month's salary, one year later, on the arrangement that it is then without tax deducted, is it therefore exempt from being taxed by Germany? I have read the article on this web-site on taxation. Any thoughts or advice appreciated. Thanks!

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