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Hi guys and gals, I'm an Aussie with a (soon to be ex) German boyfriend. I came to Berlin 4 years ago and have been through getting a visa, finding work, love etc. I met my boyfriend through friends and we have been together for just over 3 years. We found an altbau which we have (well, mainly me) lovingly renovated, in a great part of town and I was extremely happy until I found out that he has started seeing an old girlfriend of his who came from Dusseldorf (his home city) to do a study semester in Berlin. He swears he was just caught off guard and there is nothing in it and that of course it's all over and nothing really happened (yeah, ha!ha!ha! I hear you all say!) I just feel as though I have been hit with a sledgehammer but don't want to show my emotions too much as I don't know what the situation is regarding keeping the apartment if we split. Both our names are on the rental agreement but he has paid a bigger portion of the rent as he earns a lot more than I do. However, I have done the lion's share of the decorating and getting a wreck to look like a home and I can't face finding somewhere eles. Where can I get good legal (free, if poss) advice on how whether I can keep the apartment? Any advice appreciated before I make a move! Lost, lonely and trying to stay positive!

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When is this paid? My baby is due in August and I have also heard I have to take 6 or 8 weeks (? can anyone clarify???) off work before and after the baby is born? Also, as I don't earn a great deal is there anywhere which might offer financial assistance with buying things for the baby? I am trying to save a bit each month but having looked at the cost of baby equipment etc. etc. I am starting to get very worried!!

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I am looking at buying an apartment in Berlin, and I would like to know where would be the best place or bank for me to go to discuss getting a mortgage. paul

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Hello due to a dramatic change in circumstances I need an english speaking bookeeper to help sort out my end of year accounts. I have a small partnership (clearspot consulting), that is still registered in the uk, and subject to uk tax requirements, and for which I have a uk accountant. If there is someone who could do this for me please get in touch. Po

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This is something that I have to do in the near future. Given the amount of headache making legal documentation everything else in Germany seems to require, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I have been approached to write a business plan/proposal by a company which wants to raise between £1m and £2m and the plan will be used for that. Writing the plan is the least of my worries, but I haven't a clue what to charge and how I should take payment. The business plan needs to be ready to go to the financiers before Christmas. My gut feeling is a deposit upfront and the balance after it's completed with maybe a final payment if funding is obtained, assuming that's acceptable. Should I go for an hourly rate or a fixed amount? Thoughts? Ideas? Warnings. All input gratefully received.

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Im looking for a savings/pension scheme. I am self employed here but would like to save a bit of money every month. Is there anythign I can save into here which is transferable to teh UK?

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Id like to work as a "Girl Friday" - ironing, babysitting, cleaning etc. but dont know a realistic price to charge - dont want to charge to much and put people of or to little!

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I need a German copy of my birth certificate but it needs to be official - how do I find someone at a reasonable price?

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... Someone who gets things fixed. Here's an interesting proposition. I run a small but thriving niche recruitment consultancy. For a business that has been running less than a year it's a great success. Our clients range from small up and coming players to some of the worlds largest firms in this sector. I have already taken some staff on and now have 2 offices (London & Lyon), which are working well. However, I'd like to consider other geographical areas in order to expand our presence and start to make a real impact in this very competitive industry. We have many unique features that set us apart from competitors and which has directly played a significant part in our success. I'm buzzing with energy and I've so many ideas running through my head 24 hours a day coupled with a belief that this company is something very special and will have a global presence in the not too distant future. The plan is to take things one-step at a time and expand organically using the revenue we are generating rather than unnecessarily taking debt on board. With this in mind I'm looking at gaining another office in a new territory. Switzerland sounds good, as does Germany and this posting is the first step towards my research. My question is: Is anybody interested in partnering with me and opening another office? I have no concrete plans in place; I just know I can't be in more than one place at a time. Granted, this may sound a bit vague but let us see where we go with it and I can train the right person personally. All that’s needed is intelligence, attention to detail, plenty of energy, and integrity. Perhaps another small consultancy would want to partner with us? The possibilities are endless and I’m open to considering anything. Two important points for potential employees or partners: 1) You'd need to sign a restrictive covenant, so opportunists beware 2) I’m not looking for investment For starters this type of business can quite easily be run from home (which is how we initially started) but an office would be needed quite quickly because to compete with more established competitors additional staff would be required quite soon. I'll also gladly listen to any advice or suggestions about trying to accomplish this from anyone who's kind enough to contribute. Warm regards Dickie

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Can someone tell me what I need to do to register for tax and tell me how the self-employed bit works. I am a translator and I have done work, mostly for the same company but someone told me it only works in Germany if you work for lots of different companies - is there a minimum? Desperate and grateful for any advice.

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Can anyone recommend a good Steuerberater? I have been working freelance and need a bit of advice about filling out tax returns - not too expensive as there isn't that much.

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I need a solicitor to help me draw up a simple business contract which will be covered under German law. Can anyone recommend one who speaks good English as my German is very basic. Ta.

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Does anyone know a financial advisor for English savings and pension schemes?

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