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I've been asked to source a suitable venue for an informal Christmas meal for our office - there will be about 30-35 of us and we'd like somewhere where we can all sit together if poss. Doesn't particularly matter where as long as there is a good U or S Bahn link close by as I doubt any of us will be driving. Suggestions please!

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Haven't been here long and have family coming over who love eating lots of fresh local produce- I don't want to let them down, so can anyone give me a rough idea of when and where I might find markets to buy my goodies?

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I have a mountain of onions and am looking for ideas for recipes. Does anyone have suggestions which I can try?

started by: Ulura Jim · last update: 1251210800 · posted: 1250758169

Looking for suggestions of wedding caterers who are available end of Jan 2010. We have a high budget for food and are looking for someone reliable, who can prove they work to a great standard and can really impress. Any suggestions welcome.

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We went to the Gatow farm at the weekend - you can pick your own fruit and pay by weight as well as scoffing a fair few on the way. It's open from 8am. There is also a website with other farms in the Berlin area offering a "Pick your own" service: http://www.berliner-beerengarten.de/cms/website.php

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Has anyone tried this new meat alternative? http://www.valess.de/ It's made from milk protein and supposed to be a tasty alternative to meat. I like Quorn but it doesn't appear to be sold here. Just wondered if this is similar and where I can buy it in Berlin??

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I have run out - does anywhere in Berlin sell it or at least veggie Oxo cubes??

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Looking for your best German food eatery suggestions for my mum's visit. Until now I have only been out to Asian restaurants here.

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Can I buy veggie bacon and sausages anywhere in Berlin? Also looking for good frozen veggie stuff to keep on stanby!! I'm noodled out here and don't always have time to prepare my own stuff so I would love to find somewhere to stock up on regular supplies! Cheers Suzy x

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Does anywhere sell high juice squash? The supermarkets back home all seem to do their own and my favourite is M&S "Count on Us" - it tastes the closest to diluted fruit juice but with a lot less calories. I'm trying to lose weight before the summer and I don't like drinking just water. Are there any juice squashes (with sweetener) or any alternatives?

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Anyone got a quick, simple, tasty recipe for pizza dough - I looked in my Nigella book but she stipulates 00 flour - does it matter??

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Hello... All the supermarkets in east Berlin (I live in friedrichshain) seem to be decidedly lacking in fresh fish and meat (other than pork). Are there any markets or specialist shops that are good for these? I'm thinking meat is more likely, given that fish doesn't seem to be a big thing here. Thanks!

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Can anyone recommend any stores which offer online grocery shopping and delivery, especially for nappies and baby milk!! Getting tired of all this schlepping and dragging my poor baby (who obviously hates these shopping trips and lets her feelings be known!!). Cheers, Becky

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Hi guys! Can anyone recommend a really good restaurant which is a bit different to the usual places? I really like Thai food and Mexican, but like to try new things too!

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