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Please can anyone recommend a decent curry house in Mitte or surrounding area? Really not a curry eater, so couldn't tell you if a curry is decent or not. Would appreciate any help.

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1392670218 · posted: 1392639823

Looking for a great Thai restaurant to dine in - any recommendations? My partner and I are willing to travel a bit as we have our own transportation.

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1390903708 · posted: 1381245114

Any recommendations for a good Italian pasta restaurant at or near Potsdamer Platz please? Thanks!

started by: loleeta · last update: 1390807422 · posted: 1390481752

Anybody knows where can I purchase vegemite?

started by: Samantha2004 · last update: 1389523609 · posted: 1389523609

Any ideas where I can buy rock candies? Thanks.  

started by: SarahG-895414 · last update: 1388134131 · posted: 1388134131

Hi does anyone know of any wine tasting 'courses' in English? I'd be interested to know more on the subject and meet other wine lovers whilst here.

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1386750473 · posted: 1385883084

Any recomendations on where to get authentic German food? Family members will be coming over next week and would like to bring them to one.  We were told about Markthalle, but we are looking for something near Hauptbannhof or Alexanderplatz área.

started by: Johnny Bravo-924257 · last update: 1386587336 · posted: 1386167206

Any recommendations for brew pubs in Berlin? Got a group of friends coming over who's into the craft beer scene in UK. I'd be grateful for suggestions on best places to show them.

started by: Blue Cookie · last update: 1385545370 · posted: 1385545370

I'll be spearheading a friend's baby shower and I am looking for a nice place for an afternoon tea. Still new around Berlin so I'd be grateful for any recommendation.  Thanks!

started by: Bad News Bear · last update: 1385380995 · posted: 1384588627

I will be in Berlin for three days in December. I am a coeliac so I would like to ask for recommendatons on nice gluten free restaurants, English speaking preferred. No specific type of cuisine as we would like some variety. Also, my partner is free to eat anything and I wouldn't want to hinder them. Thanks in advance.

started by: NancyDrew · last update: 1385032253 · posted: 1384863132

Are there any dinners being held somewhere in Berlin? It would be fun to partake in this event with others.

started by: MrAL · last update: 1384677793 · posted: 1366723905

I am craving for some spicy chili crabs! Any recommendations where to get the best chili crabs here in Berlin?

started by: MsCupcake · last update: 1384262407 · posted: 1384260803

Will be spending our first Thanksgiving here. Anybody knows where I can buy a whole turkey at a reasonable price?

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1383919017 · posted: 1383748909

Any recommendations for a good fish restaurant in Berlin? Not sushi, but a nice decent fish restaurant -- had too many sushis already. Thanks!

started by: Amada · last update: 1382526131 · posted: 1382263824

Has anyone tried this? Feedbacks please.

started by: applepicker · last update: 1382454018 · posted: 1382363072

Dropped by today and was surprised to see that it is closed. Anybody have an idea if it'll re-open again?

started by: fleur-895422 · last update: 1382453746 · posted: 1382453746

To all vegan lovers, just want to share my latest find: vegan pizza at Zeus Pide and Pizza located at Boxhagenerstr. 29. They also offer gluten free pizzas.

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1381771777 · posted: 1381768672

Anyone knows where I can find these in Berlin?

started by: Al Bert · last update: 1381307581 · posted: 1381149910

I've been tasked to source out the venue for this year's Christmas party and would lke to ask for some suggestions. We're about between 40-50 in all and most are over 30 years of age -- so preferred venue should be something relaxed.  Thanks for the help.

started by: celine-895418 · last update: 1380822685 · posted: 1377181058

Looking for truffle oil if anyone knows where to buy it I would love to know.

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